Why Should You Hire Criminal Lawyers in Sydney For Assault Cases?

by Sudarsan

In New South Wales, court appearances increased by 17% in 2020-21 over 2019-20. There were a total of 140,644 court appearances in 2020-21 combined. That was a whopping 20,394 more cases than the last two years. These are official stats published by the NSW Bureau of Crime Statistics and Research.

Assault charges have been one of the biggest contributors to the sharp rise. Well, it is, in fact, a severe offence in the country. If you think you are one of the victims of an assault case, hire Criminal Lawyers Sydney

What falls under Assault Cases?

The term is somewhat vague and covers a wide range of cases under the law. It comes under the Crimes Act 1900 (NSW). As outlined in Part 3 of the Act, several things can fall under the title of ‘Assault Case’.

Here are some of the most common examples:

  • Cases of Domestic Violence
  • A physical altercation with a person, making them injured
  • Physical conflict with someone, even without causing them any injury
  • Hitting someone with/without any reason, resulting in the death of the person
  • Physical bullying in any educational institution 
  • Forcing someone sexually with/without having intercourse, without their consent
  • Pointing a gun towards someone with/without having it loaded.
  • Brandishing any weapon towards someone in a way that makes them feel threatened.

Even beyond these, there are further offences that fall under it. To identify them and get legal help, you need criminal lawyers.

Getting legal help becomes easier

A case of assault is equally punishable whether it has caused any harm to you or not. But, getting a fair call in the court becomes more challenging for victims without a good lawyer. And once the other party gets a lawyer to defend their case, the game’s over for you.

Now, take a look at the other side. Any experienced lawyer will know how to handle the various obligations thrown by the rival party. When you hire a reputed lawyer, you make sure that you represent your case before the court in the best way.

Criminal Lawyers support you in the tough times

Being a victim of an assault is already quite devastating mentally. You go through a lot, and then it becomes more stressful once the court procedures begin. Taking the battle against the accused party all on your own is simply a bad idea. Having a criminal lawyer by your side is thus the best way to make way for peace. 

Criminal lawyers in New South Wales will do everything to ensure that you get justice. That includes appearing in court hearing dates, appealing, pretrial motions, bails, etc. Even besides these, gathering evidence, witnesses, and conversing with them are duties of your lawyer.

Is Hiring a Professional Criminal Lawyer Necessary?

Often, people ask if it is necessary to hire a professional lawyer. The answer is yes. Professional lawyers don’t carry on cases for ten clients at a time. If your case is serious, they will dedicate their time to it. That’s an exception for sure, unlike public defenders or cheap attorneys.

The Bottom Line

You see, it’s crucial to hire Criminal Lawyers in Sydney if you are a victim of an assault. Criminal charges, whether big or small, should never be taken lightly. When you get someone experienced, professional and responsible by your side, you increase your chances to get justice. So, that counts as why it is essential to hire such lawyers in Sydney.

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