3 Ideas To Help You Commemorate Your Child’s Baptism

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

There are events in people’s lives that work as significant life markers. High school graduations symbolize a movement into adulthood for some teens. Retirement represents for many people a chance to move on to a period of rest and relaxation.

In many families, baptism is a key personal event that holds religious significance for them. Today we’re going to focus on the baptism of a child. We’ll provide three ideas on how to help you commemorate your child’s baptism.

1. Photo Prints

A baby’s baptism is one of the most important moments of their lives. The event is part of the sacraments of initiation into the Christian church, while also symbolizing regeneration. This “empowerment” represents the next steps in a person’s dedication of their life to Christian life and service. Sometimes it’s recommended that a baby be baptized within the first few weeks of their life. In other cases, it’s recommended that baptism not occur until the child reaches age eight.

At this point, it is believed that a child can discern right from wrong. Whatever the age, the event is seen as being a significant milestone for a child. This is the perfect occasion to have photos taken to commemorate the event. Whether you’re taking pictures directly on your iPhone to upload to your iCloud, or saving the best photos to print later on, having pictures taken of the event is a great way to celebrate the baptism.

Another great way to celebrate this event is to turn those pictures into photo prints.
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This makes for a great and lasting personalized baptism gift. Once you’ve taken your high-quality digital pictures, and have uploaded them to your iCloud you can give the pictures to a website to have them printed. They’ll take those iCloud photos and turn them into photo prints that you can hang on your wall, or place on your home shelf.
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Marking your child’s baptism in such a way is one of the best ways to remember your baby’s baptism.

2. Baptism Registry

Major events such as a graduation or wedding will utilize the services of a digital registry. This is a way to upload what gifts you want to receive, giving people an easy way to get you what you want on your special day. A baptism registry serves the same purpose and is a great way to list what baptismal gifts you want for your child. This can save you the effort of fielding endless phone calls about christening gifts that will come from your friends, family, or child’s godparents. You can list different items such as jewelry, custom picture frames, keepsake boxes, baby bibs, upscale baby towels, and nursery toys.

Giving a place for people to do one-stop shopping for these baptism gifts can save a ton of headaches all around. This also lessens the stress of finding a perfect gift for the person doing the purchasing. At the end of the day making the gift buying process easier helps you to commemorate the baptism in the best way possible.

3. Prayer Cloth

Another special way that you can celebrate your child’s baptism is to create a prayer cloth for the event. You can do this by decorating a small white tablecloth or runner with your child’s name, baptism date, and other baptismal symbols. This personalized item makes for the perfect gift to commemorate this baptism day.

Though you can purchase other baptism gifts from stores across the country, having this personal keepsake can be beneficial to your special day. You can set the prayer cloth out on the table or home oratory during the week of your child’s baptism. Consider adding a prayer cloth to your child’s baptism as a way to mark the occasion.

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