3 Reasons Instagram reels are better than feed posts for businesses

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

Instagram has been making a lot of changes and updates to its platform recently. One of the most popular is the addition of the Reels feature. Users say it’s very similar to TikTok. Although it’s not a new concept, it’s an essential tool for digital marketers who want to grow their business on the Instagram platform. Here are three good reasons why you should choose reels over in-feed posts to promote your business.

1. Easy and effective

Short videos are all the rage in the digital world. While business videos often involve a lot of time, money, and effort, reels are a lot easier to do. Just like TikTok, the videos only need to be 15, 30, or 60 seconds long. You can create the reel in the Instagram app itself or upload one you exported from an online video editor.

The human attention span has dropped to eight seconds that’s why reels are so much more effective. Users are more likely to stick around and watch the entire reel, knowing that it’s just a few seconds long. However, it’s important for business reels to catch the viewer’s attention in the first three seconds. An Instagram user needs to watch your reel for over three seconds before it can be counted as a view.

2. Longer shelf life

Compared to a feed post, a reel can keep getting views days or weeks after you post them. Unlike an in-feed video that could get lost under a pile of other posts, a reel can get discovered and rediscovered again and again. Instagram’s algorithm can pick it up and push it out to more users anytime.

Not only are reels longer-lasting, but they are also easier to share. Because they have no expiry date, users can easily share them to their stories.
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This functionality also allows you, the creator, to share it on your grid or story.

3. Better reach

If you want to reach more potential customers, reels are the way to go. Instagram users know that the Explore tab is such a hit and business marketers will be glad to know that public reels appear there. The great thing about Explore is that content that appears there gets distributed to many Instagram users, whether they follow you or not.

The elements you add to your reel can also help you reach more users. If you use a certain effect or add a specific song, your reel may also appear on the pages dedicated to those.
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The same goes with the hashtags you use.

Time to make reels

Reels are a new feature and Instagram is encouraging its users to make more of them. You must take advantage of the opportunity to reach more people by posting creative and relative reels as often as you can. Since these short videos are a lot quicker to create, you should set a time to batch-create a lot of reels so you’re ready to post when you need to. Although in-feed videos are still beneficial, you must make reels a part of your marketing plan.

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