4 Common Misconceptions About Physiotherapy in St. Leonards

by Sudarsan

The people of St. Leonards love their sports such as rugby and rock climbing. While many support their favourite sport by being great fans and showing love to the rugby players and rock climbers, some prefer to show their support by getting involved in the sport. The sport may have their interests piqued, but there are many factors to consider to ensure your body is safe and well while enjoying these activities.

Rugby and rock climbing are only a few of the many sports that require you to do a wide range of movements. Some of these players have been active in the sport for years but still experience several body pains. Some tend to shrug it off because they think it’ll be gone after stretching out the muscles. 

But what they don’t know is that the pain can linger for years if they don’t seek professionals that do physiotherapy st leonards area-based. They prefer not to undergo physiotherapy because of the many negative rumours surrounding it. What most don’t know is that these rumours are the opposite of what they say. 

Undergoing Physiotherapy is Really Painful

One reason why some St Leonards residents prefer not to go for physiotherapy is that they think it’s painful. They may have gone to the internet and found horrible physiotherapy experiences where they suddenly dislocate the patient’s elbows or knees. This information is completely absurd because that does not happen when you go to a highly-skilled physiotherapy st leonards area-based. 

The physiotherapist’s job is to treat physical pain through several methods such as massage, exercise, and heat treatment. However, these treatments are only slightly discomforting, not painful. The process of healing your body through physiotherapy can be a bit challenging, but the results you’ll get in the end are amazing. 

Undergoing Physiotherapy Only When the Body is Hurting

As mentioned before, high-impact and contact sports like rugby will take a toll on a person’s body at some point. The only time these players would go to a physiotherapist is when their body is starting to hurt. Some are completely unaware that getting rid of the pain through physiotherapy is just one aspect of the rehabilitation process. 

You may wonder why your body keeps getting the same painful feeling even though you got a full week of rest. The problem may not lie within your sport, but in how you do your movements. Physiotherapists can fix how a person moves to improve muscle flexibility, joint mobility, muscle strength and control. 

Going Through Scans Before Physiotherapy

People from St Leonards may think that they need to undergo a few scans before they can see a physiotherapist. While scans are useful, you won’t have to undergo one when you have a professional physiotherapist. They can evaluate and diagnose injuries without the assistance of these scans, all thanks to their years of experience. 

Doing a Few Exercise Routines is Enough

Most players will ignore the pain they’re experiencing, thinking they can get rid of it by sleeping it off and stretching it out. While that may be one of the many ways to treat body pains, the pain and discomfort may still come back because of the lack of exercise. When you consult a physiotherapist, they will give you several exercise regimens and, at the same time, monitor your progress to make sure you do everything correctly. 

Hopefully, these physiotherapy myths will change your mind when the time comes you need to see them. You should keep in mind that their job is to help you get your healthy and strong body back, so make sure you wholeheartedly follow what they tell you to do.

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