5 Benefits of Owning a Bodysuit

by Sudarsan

While bodysuits are a trend now in the fashion world, their concept goes far back to the 50s. Some mistake it for a swimsuit or a leotard but the main difference is it is not used for sports or swimming activities. It is a one-piece fabric with an enclosure at the bottom near the crotch and can be used as everyday wear.

Why You Should Own a Bodysuit

A bodysuit is made out of different textiles such as cotton, nylon, mesh, lace, and the list go on. It can be used for different purposes and incorporated in outfits to level up the style. There are a lot of benefits as well in owning one.

1. It is versatile

While some use it as an undergarment or innerwear for outfits, most women wear bodysuits as a top. It could be paired with jeans for a comfier and more casual look. Lace bodysuits are often paired with skirts or jeans plus heels to achieve a sultry look. It can also be office wear when paired with slacks and a coat. The options are endless.

  • Smart-casual attire with a sleeveless bodysuit inside a blazer.
  • A t-shirt style bodysuit for every day.
  • Dinner parties using a lacey type of bodysuit.
  • Mesh-type bodysuits for clubbing and night outs.

2. It fits like a glove

The main characteristic of bodysuits is the fit and offers the best support. Its skin-tight feature makes it amazingly comfortable to wear and accentuates women’s curves. It hugs the body in all the right places and tucks in all unwanted bulges.

3. Forget about the hassle of tucking in

Probably the best feature of bodysuits is it eliminates the hassle of having untucked tops throughout the day. It solves the problem of tucking in a blouse or a shirt multiple times a day due to bathroom breaks or just by sitting down. It is forever tucked in, so there will be one less thing to worry about.

4. It comes in different sizes

Bodysuits do not only cater to smaller and petite women, contrary to popular belief. More and more companies are coming out with lines that serve all women in different body sizes. They need to have their bodies measured, and the right size would be recommended to them. Plus-sized bodysuits are steadily rising in popularity.

5. Price points are diverse

Women who love luxury fashion pieces will find a bodysuit in high-end shops. There are a lot of high fashion stores that have adapted bodysuits in their lines. For others who prefer to buy it from more affordable stores, it is also available, and it comes in good quality as well. 

Common Styles and Materials

After discussing the benefits of owning a bodysuit, it is important to know the types of materials and their most common styles. 

  • Lace Bodysuits
  • Commonly used for lingerie.
  • Can be used as a top.
  • Can be dressed up and down with different bottoms.
  • Cotton Bodysuits
  • Used in t-shirt types of a bodysuit.
  • Usually comes in turtlenecks and low necklines.
  • For casual wear.
  • Mesh-Type
  • Comes in plain or ruched styles.
  • Popular design is off-shoulder.
  • Ribbed Material
  • A popular material used in polo-type bodysuits.
  • Breathable and comfortable.

With different styles to choose from, having a bodysuit in the wardrobe could solve the days when picking which clothes to wear is a dilemma. 

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