5 Businesses That Require Heavy Equipment

by Sudarsan

It is estimated that it took 20 years for the Egyptians to build one pyramid with a workforce of thousands. Imagine how much time they could have saved with some heavy equipment on their side!

From manufacturing to construction, almost all of the heavy businesses that require long, hard hours of physical labor use specialized heavy machines.

Without them, some jobs would be impossible, or take years to complete instead of hours.

Let’s take a look at five businesses that require heavy equipment and how they have changed our lives for the better.

1. Wine Growing

The wine industry has used large mechanical harvest machines for many years now, preferring them over traditional hand-picking techniques. 

The introduction of heavy machinery into the wine industry has actually pushed the prices of hand-picked wines to a premium. The downside of machine-harvested grapes is that they tend to bring everything else with them, including bugs and parts of the vine.

So, if you want bug-free wine, you need to choose a hand-picked vintage!

2. Sports Ground Management

If you have ever been to a sports stadium or ice-rink, you have likely seen some of the heavy machinery the industry uses. The famous Zamboni machine resurfaces the ice after a game and promises that ‘nothing else comes as close’ to doing as good of a job.

Other sports companies hire large turf laying machines at football and baseball stadiums that roll the turf onto the ground as you would a giant toilet roll. 

3. Foresty

There are lots of different heavy machines required to keep the forest industry in business. From chippers and skippers to the imaginatively named knuckleboom loaders, the variety of machines is endless.

Feller buncher machines are another type that can cut down trees and clear as many ten acres every day. 

4. Construction

Large cranes such as bridge cranes are commonplace at a construction site. They lift large materials or even other machines across the worksite for constructors to use.

However, there are also smaller versions of these cranes known as jib cranes that can be used in a similar way but for jobs in more contained areas. They are useful in workshops for lifting heavy machines so they can be accessed from underneath.

5. Farming

The heavy equipment used in farming is probably the best known. Almost everyone can recognize a tractor and may have even played with a toy one as a child. But, hundreds of other machines are used in the agricultural industry, many of which are not as famous. 

There is a tool for every job in farming as the work requires long, hard hours of physical labor. Agricultural machines have transformed the industry and now allow us to harvest exponentially more crops than before.

From tilling and cultivating the soil to planting, irrigating, and harvesting, there is a machine that can do the job.

Heavy Equipment Has Changed Our Lives

Thanks to the introduction of heavy equipment into our heavy industries, we save ourselves an immense amount of time and labor. Of course, many of the machines also bring increased levels of safety to some of our most physical jobs.

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