Must-Have Senior Monitoring Tools for Enhanced Safety

by Sudarsan

Emerging technologies have significantly transformed aging in the 21st century. Nowadays, seniors can stay at home longer, enhance their safety and connect with loved ones worldwide. Besides, most seniors value their independence and prefer not to live in senior care homes. Undoubtedly, health monitoring technology has made it easier to care for the elderly, and there are multiple monitoring tools and devices available.

Are senior monitoring devices worth it?

These are priceless devices for many. They help monitor the health of your older person and furnish you with accurate health data. Gone are the days when people would stress over the health of their aging parents.

With senior monitoring systems, you can stay calm knowing that your loved one is well. Why so? These tools track information like safety, comfort, health, location, wellness, and emotional state. In case of emergencies, the older adult can call for assistance instantly. And this reduces cases of emergencies and fatal health complications.

Check out must-have elderly tracking tools to improve senior safety:

1. All Well App

All Well is a senior wellness app that remotely monitors phone location. It’s useful for protecting seniors against falls, online scams, wandering, and abuse. Aged care Melbourne – It safeguards your older person no matter the time of the day.

What’s more? All Well will furnish you with adequate data on your loved one’s activities like wake up, sleep time, distance moved, and active calories. You can use it on your smartphone, which enables daily updates and reports on the go. 

2. Aeyesafe Monitoring Alert System

This is a thermal monitoring and voice-activated device useful for providing current and historical data. It doesn’t require human monitoring or intervention, which fosters independence.  However, it allows for users to ask for help when necessary.

 This is possible through voice activation; it also uses AI sensors that offer human like tracking. The Aeyesafe Monitoring Alert System extends services like; body temperature analysis, sleep analysis, unusual behavior monitoring, and danger detection.

To visit Aeyesafe Monitoring Alert System click here.

3. Wellness 

The Wellness system works in collaboration with the home security system. These work together to intensify the safety of seniors living on their own. With this tracker, you’ll get alerts on any unusual behavior patterns. These may include; roaming outside during odd hours or leaving the home compound. 

Moreover, you can pair the system with personal emergency response pendants for additional safety. The Wellness furnishes you with vital data such as; eating habits, sleep patterns, bathroom use, medial management, and more.

To visit Alarm wellness website visit here.


4. Rest Assured

This device offers various services for seniors, and you can tailor it to match your needs, preferences, and home. That’s not all, though! It allows access to live videos and sensor alerts via a secure online portal. You can use it to detect emergencies like falls and fires. You also get remote assistance with medication management. 

  • Rest Assured system detects;
  • Temperature
  • Smoke
  • Glass braking
  • Motion
  • Opening doors and windows

To visit their website click here.

Final thoughts

With the many senior monitoring ad tracking devices, caring for the elderly has never been easier. Acquire one of the systems mentioned above and enhance the safety of your elder person. By so doing, you’ll monitor their activities and health status and save a lot on medical emergencies.

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