How To Get Help for Seniors in Your Life

by Sudarsan

Currently, more than 25 million Americans require assistance with their aging. With that being said, finding help for seniors is easier said than done! Senior care is complex, and each individual has unique needs. 

Don’t worry, though! We have put together this simple guide to help you learn how to provide help for the seniors you care about. So, if you are ready to learn more about senior care, let’s get started! 

Utilize Resources 

There are various senior resources available to help loved ones care for seniors. Some resources like Medicare can help seniors with medical costs and care, including prescription drugs. Supplemental Social Security or SSI is available to seniors to aid them in supplementing their income. SSI is a needs-based program, so some criteria need to be met to qualify. 

The VA is another great resource for seniors that served or were married to a service member. The U.S Department of Veterans Affairs offers pensions, healthcare, long-term care services, compensation, and more to those who qualify. 

Make Them Feel Included

More than 40% of seniors report feeling lonely regularly. Making your senior loved one feel included can help reduce loneliness and depression. Including them in daily activities makes them feel useful and less like a burden on your life. 

Even small household help like folding laundry or getting the mail can make a difference in their quality of life. Many seniors feel lost when they retire, so having responsibilities at home can help them transition. Invite your senior loved one to run errands with you if they are up to it, and include them if you go for daily walks. 

Keep Their Body and Mind Moving 

Seniors must keep mildly active in their retirement. Puzzles like Sudoku, Crossword, or other similar games can help keep their mind stimulated during the day. Reading and writing are other activities that can help you care for your senior. 

Physical activity is essential for seniors; however, you must be sure that they are getting exercise within their physical limitations. Consider mild aerobic activities such as walking or yoga.

Physical exercise can boost immunity, decrease anxiety, and give energy. Try to have them participate in at least one physical activity per day to keep them active. 

Senior Facilities 

It might be difficult to think about, but sometimes a senior facility is the best option for your loved one. If your loved one is experiencing any physical limitations or mental limitations from Dementia or Alzheimer’s, a senior care facility might be the best option for their care. 

Many senior facilities offer activities that can help them achieve the optimum quality of life. There are many options for seniors, including centers for active seniors that include various activities such as social gatherings, golf, etc. If your loved one is of sound mind, you can discuss the transition together to find out which care center is the best option. 

 Finding Help For Seniors

Finding help for seniors doesn’t have to be hard; just remember to keep this simple guide by your side! These tips will help boost your loved one’s quality of life and make their life, and yours, a little easier! 

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