A comprehensive guide on How to Import from China to NZ in 2021.

by Sudarsan

Have you been thinking about how to start importing various merchandise from China to NZ but still you can’t figure out where to start? Good news! This article has comprehensively covered everything you need to know about China’s importation protocol to NZ in 2021.

Here is a preview of what is included in this article.

· The product safety standards and regulation in NZ

· Product documentation and labelling requirements

· Importation permits and licenses in NZ

· Import taxes

The Product safety standards in NZ

The product safety standards and regulations ensure that people import only those products that meet the minimum quality and quantity requirement and are safe for human consumption. Each country has its safety requirements, but most NZ product safety requirements are similar to those of Australia. These standards cover every product from clothing, electronic, health and cosmetics, smoking and tobacco accessories, nursery and baby products, among others. Note that the importer must ensure that the products they import comply with the stipulated product safety standards in NZ. Failure to comply with the compulsory safety standards in NZ has legal consequences such as forfeiture of the goods or legal fines.

Ensure the products you are importing comply with all obligatory safety requirements.

Some of the essential requirements you must observe include but are not limited to; Substance restrictions such as the presence of heavy metals and harmful chemicals in products. Some examples of products under these regulations include Electronics, pedal bicycles, children’s nightwear, crayons, finger paints, watercolor paints, toys, and household cots. For instance, if you plan to import baby’s plastic and rubber hot water bottles, they must comply with the BS 1970:2006 requirements.

Documentation and labeling requirements

Importers must meet all the labelling requirements, and the information should be accurate on both the packaging and the product itself. Such labelling includes but not limited to Ingredients labelling. This is compulsory on food and cosmetic products, AS labelling requirements care labelling such as an indication of fragile and delicate items like tiles and glass that should be handled with extra care. County of origin is essential on items that require trade descriptions. Before you import items from China to NZ, ensure you keenly check all the specific labelling that is mandatory for every product category you want to import. Kindly note that the buyer’s responsibility is to disclose all the accurate information on the labelling files.

Importation taxes and fees

All importation demands the importer to pay various import duties and other fees once products arrive at the ports. Below are the miscellaneous mandatory taxes and fees an importer must pay to the revenue offices in NZ for products imported from China.

Customs Value. This is import duty paid at the customs offices based on the present custom value of the products. Typically, the customs value is determined by the Free onboard price. The price includes; the transportation cost from the warehouse to the loading port, say, Hong Kong. The price of products, the cost incurred at the export ports. However, the customs value won’t include, the shipping insurance, transportation cost within NZ, and shipping expenses to NZ.

Import fees and duties.

It is essential to note that whenever you are importing items to NZ, importation GST and duty may apply to some products. The price payable for importing items attracts importation duties. The rule is also applicable to second –hand items. However, if you import two related products simultaneously, the NZ customs may calculate the customs duty based on a single consignment.

Material and product. 

Here, the manufacturing country, applicable concessions transit the country, it isn’t from the manufacturing country.

Products/ Goods and Services Taxes

The present NZ custom services are at 15% both in the registered company or non-registered company. Anyone importing goods and services is required to pay GST, and those importing goods from China aren’t exceptional. GST is determined by the transportation insurance, shipping cost from the county of origin to NZ, the value of the product, and the import duties where applicable. Note that import duties are determined based on the value of the items in NZD (New Zealand Dollar). Imported goods in NZ from China liable for GST of over NZ$60 must be cleared with the NZ custom service before having them released.

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