5 Commonly Asked FAQs For Invisalign In Winnipeg

by Sudarsan

Over 2.4 million patients have used invisalign to treat various orthodontic problems. These are clear aligners that have been around since the 1990s, and due to their benefits, it has become quite popular with patients and doctors.

Invisalign Winnipeg is transparent plastic aligners that fit on top of your teeth and help straighten them. The treatment is available in more than 45 countries across the globe, including emerging countries in the APAC and EMEA regions. 

If you are in Winnipeg, Canada, and want to get aligners, here are five commonly asked FAQs that should help you decide.

Is It Only For Teenagers?

Not at all. One out of five users is over 18 years old. Most people do not realize that they have misaligned teeth and need intervention. When they experience oral problems such as gum pain or tooth decay, they visit the orthodontist and get diagnosed. There are no age criteria for invisible aligners. Busy professionals can also go for the treatment if it affords fewer visits to the dentist and no visible signs of treatment show up.

Is there an insurance cover for Invisalign in Winnipeg?

The biggest question looming in your mind is about the cost and insurance coverage of the aligners. They cost about as much as braces. Insurance coverage can vary between different providers. Some insurers will cover a percentage of what you spend on the aligners in a year, while others will cover a fixed dollar amount. It is best to check with the provider, as payments vary based on your plan.

Are They Comfortable?

Braces have gained a bad reputation for being painful and uncomfortable. It makes you wonder if aligners will be the same? Invisalign does cause some discomfort when you put them on the first time, but you will get used to it. After a few weeks, you will barely notice them. When it is time to change your trays, you may experience pain or tightness for a day or two.

How Do They Affect Your Life?

The first effect is that they give you a fuller mouth and a lisp at the beginning while being invisible. Therefore, if you have an important presentation or meeting, it is better to remove them to avoid speaking with a lisp. 

The second impact is that you will have only about two hours to eat, so you will have to practice eating quickly. Also, hot and colored beverages are out while the aligner is on. Meals and coffee intake should be planned.

How to Care For the Aligners?

Caring for aligners means that you will have to clean them using an aligner cleaning fluid. You will also have to ensure that you brush and floss after every meal before putting the aligner back on. Avoiding hot and colored beverages while you have them on is also recommended.

Aligners can impact your life in a big way because they give you the confidence to smile openly. With these questions answered, you will have the confidence to start invisalign in Winnipeg without delay and take control of how your teeth look and function.

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