5 Fashion Instagram Influencers Who Will Inspire You

by Sudarsan

Influencer marketing plays a huge role in social media marketing channels and brand personalization. With a large number of individuals and businesses making a virtual presence in this decade, it also makes it one of the biggest deciding factors of how well an industry performs, especially the fashion industry. As a fashion enthusiast, if you desire to impact the fashion industry, achieving steady Instagram user growth is essential to developing your account or promoting your brand.
If you’re looking for influencers with the right style and audience that reflect the brand personality you seek to achieve, we have five fashion Instagram influencers that you should follow. These influencers will inspire you, help you create an effective campaign for your brand, and build an active audience.

1. Emma Hill @emmahill

Emma Hill is one of our favorite accounts to follow for the right inspiration for high street fashion. She is a British-born designer who has worked with famous brands like Gap, Marc Jacobs, and Mulberry: where she worked as a creative director for six years before announcing her departure in 2013.

In 1992, Hill also worked as an accessory designer at Burberry, up until 1994, when she left for New York to become Liz Claiborne’s accessory designer. She has over 800 thousand followers on Instagram and a blog where she shares resourceful information on clothing processes and trends.

2. Zoella Zeebo @zoella

Zoella Zeebo is a famous fashion influencer across multiple social media channels. She has over a million followers on Instagram, 4.9 million subscribers on YouTube, and 195 thousand followers on Twitter.

She is an author, YouTuber, and vlogger. In 2009, she started her lifestyle blog and later scaled it into a YouTube channel that same year, while working for New Look, a British clothing retailer. Her style and consistency are inspiring and have won her some awards like the Cosmopolitan Blog Award in the “Best Established Beauty Blog” category in 2011 and in the “Best Beauty Vlogger” category in 2012. She also made it to The Telegraph’s “40 Best Beauty Bloggers” list in 2014, among other notable awards and achievements.

3. Afua Rida @afuarida

For a more colorful style and Instagram page to admire, Afua Rida should be the next page you follow. She is a prolific stylist and fashion influencer who expresses her form of art by telling African stories through fashion.

Over the years, she has partnered with some fashion icons like Lanre Da Silva, Meena Official, Mina Evans, Mythhouse, and Christie Brown. She reflects the African style influenced by its animals, prints, patterns, and colors.

4. Will Taylor @brightbazaar

Will Taylor is a fashion influencer and interior designer that has found his style in colorful and bright aesthetics. With over 300 thousand followers, he has been able to build a community with the hashtag #MakeYouSmileStyle. The community is filled with fashion lovers who share a common interest in colors that feel like summer and spring.

5. Mariano Di Vaio @marianodivaio

Mariano Di Vaio is an Italian model, blogger, actor, blogger, and fashion designer & influencer. He owns and designed the MDV Collections and runs MDV Style, one of the most famous fashion blogs in the world. His blog has since expanded into a home for a variety of topics like sports, travel, movies, and music.

Mariano has made appearances on the cover of a couple of magazines and has worked with some famous brands like Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfiger, Cruciani, Hugo Boss, and Omega.  


For the latest fashion trends, style, and possible partnerships, we highly recommend these five. Their page will fill you with the inspiration and good cheer your brand needs to be successful. 

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