Academics and Creativity Goes Hand in Hand

by Sudarsan

Anyone can define art as an essential skill in academics and is now treated well in the curriculums. People can easily observe the significance of learning art. We mean more people’s success curve increases than those who are only involved in academics during these times when the pandemic is soaring high because of the new variant of Concern, Omicron. It has become more important to come out of the traditional curriculum where we give attention to curriculum subjects, which directly involve academics, just for excelling well overall. However, this practice is so wrong, and the modern methods in which the educational courses are conducted prove the significance of integrating art and academics. 

As in today’s modern world, families are more aware of online teaching apps, e-learning, and other technological tools for the smooth and continuous conduction of educational practices. Everyone is now so convinced that art is equally important as academics, and if both are integrated, something magical will come out of it. Therefore, art education needs to be promoted all across the globe.

Let us now see the benefits an individual gets from art education, mainly a student who desires and aims to focus on. Those passionate students need to know the help that they or any other student could seek out of arts education-

Benefits of arts education: All You Need to Know

Art Education Enriches a Growing Mindset

No matter what a particular student wants to become or the profession they are interested in engaging in the future, the teachings that that individual will seek through the classroom in art education will undoubtedly help them anytime. Art helps an individual develop motor skills and skills as necessary as decision making, critical things as such, which will further be inoculating for the development of a mindset which only focuses on growing. 

With such skills developed, individuals can easily apply them to their craft, and the learning will further help that individual embrace failures in a more mature and better way. You will gradually see this sort of progression in your personality and naturally aided by your educators. 

The integration of academics and arts has always become a healthier, motivating, and sustainable way of grasping different concepts. You might have heard of some aspirants for various competitive exams engaging themselves into some artwork to have some fresh air from the daily sort of pressure which they had to face while preparing for the competitive exams like REET and UPSC.

Develops Self-Confidence

You might have known people across you who are fond of any activity such as music, playing guitar and others might love cooking or painting. But have you ever asked them why it is so that they frequently do engage in such activities when they are low about something or feel demotivated, which is common and natural? 

When you’re low or feel demotivated over something, you suddenly would feel so low on confidence in yourself. All the insecurities you have been fighting off for a long time will come all together simultaneously. 

In such situations, when you do things you love to do apart from the regular engaging and stressful academic practices, tests, scores, and all, you will feel some ease within you. These acts of engaging in arts could bring back your lost confidence, take all the insecurities away from you, and boost you up for looking forward to the upcoming challenges. 


Other advantages or benefits of art education are Improved Cognition, communication, a deeper understanding of own and varied cultures from across the world, and better self-understanding.

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