Estimate Right Car Shipping Cost

by Sudarsan

Looking for car shipping? You must start online. Whether you are moving long-distance, or you have just bought a car out of your state, it is important to find a solution to transport your vehicle safely and cheaply. Luckily for you, there are plenty of options that you can find online.

The demand for auto transportation has increased tremendously. As a result, many professional companies have incorporated helpful online tools. One such tool is a car shipping calculator. It is a helpful way to estimate the cost of a car transporter. If you’re looking for an idea of how much it will cost, then you can find a free online tool that calculates how much car shipping companies charge.

What is a car shipping calculator?

If you’re looking for a price quote for your vehicle, a car shipping calculator is a contact form. It’s a fast and easy way to request more information from a car shipper and get an idea about the company’s pricing. But, as with every other product or service, don’t expect to pay the same amount. You’ll need to enter the information about your vehicle and the destination and pickup/delivery dates.

A car shipping cost estimator generally does not give a binding offer. It’s a great tool to use to get a general idea of what your vehicle shipping cost might be, but it relies mostly on historical data and preset values, so it should only be used as a preliminary guide.

Some international shipping companies will offer estimators in their car shipping services. These estimators are made to provide you with the most accurate estimate possible. They often request more relevant information like whether you want enclosed car shipping or expedited service.

It’s important to estimate the average cost of shipping a car before you can decide which company can help you. You can do this by getting at least five quotes from different companies. This way, you’ll know the approximate average rate of a car like yours. There’s nothing to it – it’s all done from your home.

How does the Car Shipping Calculator Work?

Car shipping companies use a preset amount of data and the information that you provide to give you a ballpark price. That number is just an initial estimate. A logistics software will find a car shipping company for you within an hour or maximum a day.

After submitting a request for a price quote for shipping a vehicle, the auto broker will reach out to you by email or phone to get all the details they need to give you an accurate estimate. The major factors that affect a quote are the weight of your vehicle and the distance of the route, but there are many other details that affect the price.

Reliable auto transport companies are never vague about what you’ll pay. If you want a binding price, ask your provider about their policies.
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Most auto transport companies require contact information, then speak to a representative who can provide you with an accurate offer.

Car shipping cost calculators can give you a rough estimate of the cost to ship a car, to help you decide if it’s worth it to ship your car. Be careful when using these tools, and don’t use them as a final decision.

How to Use the Car Shipping Cost Calculator?

When you need to ship your car, the best thing to do is enter the pickup and delivery states, type in your vehicle’s make and model, its condition, and your preferred shipping method. Once you’ve done that, the cost calculator will give you a much more accurate estimate.

You can choose to ship on an enclosed or open trailer. It’s important to know the difference between the two methods. If you’re shipping a common vehicle, it’s okay to ship your product via an open-air trailer. But if it’s a very expensive, luxury car, make sure to use an enclosed trailer.

When you are filling out the cost calculator, be precise. If you are sending an inoperative vehicle, note that when filling it out. In general, inoperable vehicles are a bit more expensive to transport.

Another way to be polite and professional is by giving the company the information needed to reach you. For example, a company may want to know your email and phone number or preferred time. If there are any specific requests or concerns about your delivery, address those as well. Many auto transportation companies have a few channels that you can use to contact them.

Important Factors That Affect Car Shipping Costs

There are a few important factors you need to consider when filling out a car cost shipping calculator. These include the type of car you have, which party pays for the shipping, and what type of insurance you have. Those three factors will greatly affect the final price.
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Shipping method

It’s not always worth it to hire enclosed car transport. You’ll spend more money, and you’ll want to make sure your expensive or high-end vehicle is well protected. The majority of car shippers will use open car transport, which is much cheaper and the norm in the industry. It’s a safe way to transport your car too.

Vehicle make and model

The size of your vehicle impacts the price of your car shipping. Larger vehicles weigh more, and they need more space on the truck. Furthermore, if you’ve done any modifications like adding large tires or racks, they will also affect your final price.

Vehicle condition

If your car is operational, the shipping cost will be less. However, if your car is not in a condition where it can easily be maneuvered, there may be extra fees. Before making any arrangements with an auto shipper, make sure to inform them of any mechanical problems that may arise.

Pickup and delivery locations

If you need to ship your vehicle somewhere rural, it will require more time and fuel costs for the driver. It might even cost you double what you typically pay. This is because drivers need to take longer routes to get to more remote places, which costs more time and more gas.


During the holiday season or inclement weather, shipping prices soar. For those who are lucky, the high season may inflict a greater increase in shipping rates due to carrier demand. This can cost anywhere from $100 to $500 extra during peak season and federal holidays.

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