All You Need to Know About Dental Work

by Sudarsan

According to one study, about 36% of the population is scared of the dentist.

If you’re part of that population, one thing that might ease your fear is learning about the different types of dental work.

Thankfully, we can help break it all down for you to help alleviate any fears or questions, so keep readingĀ all-on-4!


One thing that your dentist might do if your tooth is broken or damaged is to put a crown or a cap on it. They can usually do this in just one visit, and they’ll make it for your teeth.

The dentist will make your crown out of porcelain, metal, or acrylic. The porcelain crowns look more natural than the other types, and these are generally used for teeth in the front. However, if you bind porcelain to metal for a crown, it’ll be a lot stronger, which will be great for teeth in the back of your mouth.


If you have a cavity or a small hole in your tooth, then you will likely need a filling from your dentist. A filling can help to control the cavities and prevent the infection from going to your other teeth.

There are two main types of filling: a metal and a tooth-colored filling. There are pros and cons to each one, so make sure you discuss with your dentist which one would be best for you.


If you have crooked teeth or an over or underbite, your dentist might recommend that you get braces. They’ll likely refer you to an orthodontist, who is a specialist in that area.

When you go to the orthodontist, they’ll likely recommend one of the two options: Invisalign vs braces. There are also pros and cons to these two different types, with the cost being the main one.

Root Canals

Your doctor will likely give you a root canal to treat a disease or an abscessed tooth.

Once your tooth is cracked or damaged, it’s open to all kinds of infections, which can cause cavities as well. A root canal helps to close up that space and seal it so that other infections can’t get inside your tooth.

It will also help to prevent your tooth from moving out of line and causing any issues with your jaw.


Lastly, veneers are also great for people who need a cosmetic change. These are normally used to help cover up damaged or broken teeth that can’t be fixed.

They will make your teeth look brand new! This is a bit of porcelain that is applied to the front of your teeth.

Learn More About the Different Types of Dental Work

These are only a few of the different types of dental work, but there are many more types out there that you might need.

We know that it can be stressful going to the dentist and getting work done, but it’s important to go early to prevent any other issues from spreading or getting worse.

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