Benefits of ISO 27001 Certification to a Company

by Alan Roody

Every business is aware that they must comply with the information security management regulations to avoid issues in their operation. There are several certifications and security standards that should be procured and implemented to operate the firm seamlessly. One of the most common and vital security requirements is the ISO 27001 certification. It is known as the best-practice for IT security and has gradually become a minor requisite in renewing contracts or getting a new one. Adherence to the security standards can significantly create a difference between banking a new one and losing all major tenders.


One thing that differentiates the standard feature for an information security management system is the ISO 27001. Firms must present themselves as possessing reliable information security and privacy management by holding an ISO 27001.
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It means the organisation has successfully determined the risks and applied preventive strategies to keep their firm protected from potential security breaches.

Keeping Customers And Investors

When a firm holds an ISO 27001 certification, they can attract more business investors and drive more customers to the company. The new stakeholders are much concerned with the proper handling of sensitive information and its protection. The potential risks related to security and data breaches are too important just to be secured with a handshake and an assurance that a new company is being responsible for the data.

Businesses must protect their operation, and that requires enforcing reliable information security and management systems. Tailoring your operation by prioritising and meeting your clients’ needs will definitely give you a competitive edge and make you a winning prospect. With the ISO certification, it presents a solid security method and enhances customer relationships and retention.

Saves The Company From Incurring Fines And Ruin Its Image

Government agencies impose hefty fines on firms who fail to meet their security standards and comply with the regulations. These governing bodies want to ensure that the public’s data security and other business leaders are being prioritised in all organisations.

Unfortunately, those who haven’t complied with such regulations will be planted on the newspapers’ front page or become the headline of the next day’s newspaper. These scenarios will only ruin the company’s reputation to the general public and potential stakeholders.
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It presents a terrible company image of being lenient and failing to enforce a reliable information security and management system. Regardless of the nature and the size of the business, a simple security breach will bring down its image to the ground and cost them a fortune.

Develop Procedures And Strategies

Aside from developing the firm’s image to its customers and stakeholders, holding an ISO certification will improve its procedures and strategies within their system. This is one of the key advantages of securing such a certification.

The focus of information security management is the processes and responsibilities of the operation. It gives a defined framework for information security, management procedures, and essential operational elements like IT networks that must be updated, anti-virus software, data back-ups, and storage and activity recording.

The methods needed to meet the ISO standards will lead to a methodical recording of events and signifies that all personnel are aware of the guidelines, which improves the organisation’s security and protection from potential breaches. This can cover the rules on using external drives, the requirement of strong passwords, and safe website browsing.

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