AN Fittings in Aviation and Vehicles

by Alan Roody

AN fitting in aviation is a fitting used to connect hoses, and metal tubing, AN fittings are military-based specifications used in US military aviation applications. It dates back to World War II. The name roots from a standard agreed upon by the US Army and US Navy. The US Army and US Navy are also the origins of the red and blue colours used in the finishing process.

AN fittings meet the performance standards of the aeronautical industry. They carry fluid, and the sizes range from -2 (dash two) to -32 in irregular steps. Each step equates to the OD (outside diameter) of the tubing in ​1⁄16-inch increments.

AN fittings use a 37° flared tubing to form a seal. They are flare fitting and are similar to other 37° flared fittings. They are similar to JIC, their industrial variant. Although the two are interchangeable in theory, this is not recommended. Their differences are in thread class and shape and metals used.

An AN fitting is different from an AN bolt. A fitting refers to the OD the tube while in bolts it refers to the diameter of the bolt.

AN Fittings for Vehicles

AN fittings are also used in vehicles, and one of the ways to spot a professional build car is the quality of AN fittings it uses. Neat and secure high-quality hoses are a way to spot a professional build vehicle. These vehicles are used for high-performance races and are equipped with the most high-tech gear in the industry. AN fittings, no matter how small they may be, are essential to these vehicles’ performance. Upkeep of these vehicles and maintaining their high standards involve use of the best AN fittings.

When shopping for an AN fitting, look for a range of fittings that is as expansive as it is high in quality. A large selection of an AN fitting ensures that every reducer, weld-on fitting and AN adapter is perfect. When looking for AN fittings, take into account other accessories.

These include the likes of clips, clamps and line separators. These accessories secure installations and hose fittings. During high-performance vehicle applications, coolant overflow becomes likely. Look into efficient coolant overflow tanks as well. Keep your system leak-free.

Many shops have an inventory that includes high-quality hoses and hose ends. Look for a wide selection of hose types such as stainless steel and nylon hose, CPE rubber hose and Teflon. Others that you have to watch out for in equal measure are push-lock rubber hose, silicone hose,  and aluminium hard lines.

If you are looking for a full range of high quality AN fittings, make sure that you have camshafts and forced induction systems to increase your vehicle’s performance. There are Teflon fuel hoses you can use, and the smallest bulkhead fittings as well.

To give your engine bay a professional touch, combine performance chips and DIY tuning kits. You don’t want to end up with an unreliable vehicle and ignore the other, less glamorous components of your build. Always take into account the hoses and AN fittings you need to have a total high performance set up.

For the highest in performance, these vehicles need AN fittings and other necessary equipment that can optimize them to their best. Shop around the Internet and find the best AN fittings out there.

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