5 Smart Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Lawn mower Working Properly

by Alan Roody

Homeowners who have a wide backyard know the importance of lawn mower for their household. Without this tool, maintaining the cleanliness of the backyard and garden could be extra difficult, especially if the grass in the yard grows rapidly. 

Investing in high-quality lawn mowers is a must for these situations. But since these tools usually cost a lot, it is also necessary to know how to take care of it properly. You may replace your Briggs & Stratton parts and other lawn mower components by buying new parts from accredited shops, but regular maintenance is still crucial to ensure that the life of your lawn mower will last for a long time. 

While you can take your lawn mower to a professional maintenance service provider once in a while, you still need to learn these tricks to help take care of your lawn mower all the time. 

Tip #1: Read And Understand the Owner’s Manual

Before using your lawn mower, you must have an idea of how to take care of it by reading the manual that comes with the box. The instructions on how to use the tool are stipulated on the manual, which will make it easier for you to operate it properly. It also comes with maintenance instructions from the manufacturer. These procedures will help ensure that your lawnmower will run for as long as possible. 

Tip #2: Drain The Gasoline After Each Mowing Season

Professional lawn mower repair mechanics shared that one of the reasons why this tool refuses to start is the old gasoline that is left on the engine. According to the experts, you must always let the remaining gas out of the lawn mower or dry it out completely at the end of the mowing season. You can always refill it with fresh gas once the grass starts to grow again in the spring. A good lawn mower battery will charge quickly.

Tip #3: Remove The Dirt In the Undercarriage 

There are times when the grass sets and solidifies at the machine’s undercarriage. It may cause potential clogging on the tool’s discharge chute. To fix this, you may use a wire brush for scraping the grass clippings and other dirt away from the undercarriage. You may also use a high-pressure hose sprayer to get rid of the debris. You only have to disconnect the spark plug before cleaning the undercarriage to avoid possible danger. 

Tip #4: Check Out The Air Filter

A dirty or clogged air filter caused additional stress on the lawn mower. It may also prohibit the gas from burning efficiently. Most of the time, a lawn mower comes with a paper or foam air filter. You will be able to remove these filters easily to take away the clogged material. You may also have it replaced since the replacement air filters cost less in shops selling Briggs & Stratton parts and other essential lawn mower units. As much as possible, you must replace your air filter every year.  

Tip #5: Replace The Spark Plug

Like your air filter, the lawn mower’s spark plug is also an essential and inexpensive part of the machine. It is necessary to change it annually to turn on the lawn mower properly after long months in storage. For faster replacement, you need to unhook the wire of the spark plug and take off the old plug using a spark plug wrench or a socket. Then install the new spark plug properly. You need to ensure that it is not overtightened since it could prevent the mower from running.  

Aside from these tips, you must also ensure that you will sharpen the mower blades to make it easier to cut the grass. A dull blade will only rip or tear the grass instead of cutting it. You may sharpen your own blade, but it will help if you take your lawn mower to a professional service centre to have it sharpened regularly. It is also important to have it checked by an expert at least once a year to ensure that it will stay in prime working condition.

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