The Best Things to do in San Marcos, Ca

by Sudarsan
Best Things to do in San Marcos


A trip to Los Angeles and San Diego when in the USA through the esta visa application is always memorable. Even if it is your third or fourth time to the far-western side of the country, it is every bit worth it.

But if it is your first time traveling to California, especially to San Diego or Los Angeles, you need your trip to be well-planned in advance so that you don’t miss out on the important stuff.

Of course, we know some of the things on your bucket list would be visiting Hollywood, Santa Monica Pier, Disneyland, La Jolla Cave, and Balboa Park, and it’s okay. But one of the most exciting destinations that travelers miss on is visiting San Marcos.

San Marcosis a city in San Diego County, just 30 miles away from San Diego and 90 miles away from Los Angeles.

Located very close to the ocean, it is 6 miles inland, from the shore. Although an airport does not serve the city, the nearest international airport is in San Diego.

San MarcosCA activities

  • Elfin Forest Recreational Reserve

    A huge Forest Reserve spanning 784 acres and offering 11 miles of hiking trails and biking trails, Elfin Forest is a serene location in San Marcos. It takes you away from the bustling streets of La and San Diego.

  • Double Peak Park

    The Double Peak Park offers a mesmerizing view of San Diego County and the adjacent landscape. It is your place to be on a chilly evening; take along with yourself a healthy snack, and you may be able to join up with a friendly bunch of visitors for a nice picnic.

  • Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens

    Stone Brewing Bistro is a trendy and reputed location just southwest of the town of San Marcos. It is set up in a beautiful natural location, surrounded by exotic garden plants and trees. When it comes to food and drinks, the extraordinary home-brewed beer variety is the bistro’s charm. The classic American Burger and tacos are delicious to go with the beer.

  • Leo Carrillo Ranch Historic Park

    This is a historic park in the heart of the San Marcos valley and in close proximity to Lake San Marcos. Explore the historic buildings, trails, old roads, and the ranch at your leisure.

Hotels in San Marcos Ca

Some of the best hotels to check in to when you are in San Marcos are:

  1. Hampton Inn

    A 3-star hotel located on 123 E Carmel Street, San Marcos, the Hampton Inn provides a broad and well-maintained swimming pool, a gym, and a meeting room. Located close to Lake San Marcos, the cost for a room per day can range between $75 to $100.

  2. Escondido Lodge

    A fairly rated lodge located on 2650 S Escondido Blvd, the lodge provides a decent swimming pool, traditional rooms, and pet-friendly. Considered a budget lodge, with a per-day room cost ranging between $40 to $60, its location is close to the Elfin Forest Reserve.

  3. Fairfield Inn & Suites by Marriott

    The outlet upholds the high standards set by Marriot and is a highly rated hotel located at 227 W San Marcos Blvd in San Marcos. The per-day room rates can vary in terms of booking dates and between $85 to $150. Fairfield Inn by Marriot provides a well-maintained fitness room, swimming pool, and delicious complimentary breakfast.

Sunset park San Marcos

After getting their esta travel authorization, most travelers make a to-do list for San Marcos, including Sunset Park.

Sunset Park is situated at 909 Puesta Del Sol and is a well-known green space area that grants various activities.

Traveling around La, San Diego, and San Marcos can become tiring, especially when you have esta authorization and are looking to utilize your 90-day travel privilege.

Sunset Park offers a dog walking area, children’s playing area, sports facilities for interested individuals, a disc golf course, and relaxing scenery to take a few photos.

Discovery Lake San Marcos

Discovery Lake is another location that you should add to your to-do list in San Marcos, CA.

Located outside the city limits of San Marcos, the lake is a hub for amphibians, waterfowls, ducks, and other types of water birds.

An ideal spot for nature lovers and fitness enthusiasts alike, the Discovery Lake is where you want to be if you’re going to take home some memorable snaps of the less discovered part of California.


When filling an esta application, most people do not look past visiting Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego when in California.

But while you are waiting for your esta visa, you can be a step ahead and plan for exotic and less visited places like San Jose and San Marcos.

The Elfin Forest trails and the Stone Brewery’s specially brewed beers are waiting for you in San Marcos, Ca.

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