Brain Health: 5 Powerful Tips to Improve Your Memory and Cognitive Function

by Sudarsan

Most people are concerned with their health. However, the irony is that many seem to forget the importance of brain health, particularly in cognitive and memory functions. You might not notice it in your early life, but cognitive functions may influence your well-being as well. Indeed, the nervous system is the central system of the body, while the brain is the central organ of the nervous system.

Surely, it is normal for older people to experience certain mental declines. However, you can maximize your brain’s capability if you will take care of it. It is not impossible for someone to sustain a sharp memory and cognitive ability despite aging. Thus, read this article to find the five things you can do to improve your cognitive ability and memory function before it could decline too much.

Is it possible to combat mental decline?

Brain development starts at birth. It continues up to infancy, babyhood, and childhood. However, unlike most people know, the development of the brain does not stop during puberty or in adulthood. Science says that even the brains of adults do not totally become stagnant. Instead, the development continues as it is constantly working. As a result, new cells and neural connections are formed.
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That is what they call neuroplasticity.

So, is it possible to combat mental decline? Most probably yes. Even though the mental decline is normal for aging individuals, such occurrence is highly manageable. Indeed, the concept of neuroplasticity delivers good news for everybody. For instance, try challenging your brain. You can have yourself learn something new or try activities that are not familiar to you. It will allow you to harness the ability of your brain to rewire on its own.

Now, here are the five powerful tips to improve your memory and cognitive function.

Power Tip 1: Eat healthily and have enough sleep.

To begin, you might start with the foods you consume. There are various foods containing nutrients that influence brain health. Look for foods that are rich in all types of vitamin B, omega-3 fatty acids, and antioxidants. Some good recommendations may include green leafy vegetables, berries, and fish.

As for sleep, it also powers up your entire body. Having quality sleep will help you feel a lot better, refreshed from the previous day or hours of busy schedules. It contributes to a better mood as well as promotes enough supply of energy, keeping you prepared for the next tasks you would be doing.

In terms of cognitive aspects, quality sleep also sharpens the brain. Some publications showed a lack of sleep may lead to poor concentration, difficulties in problem-solving, and slower response to reasoning. While sleeping, the brain communicates with many parts of your body, allowing them to flush out toxins you acquired during your waking hours. The flushing out of toxins from your body helps the brain recharge, helping the brain store memories, at the same time restores your physical and mental well-being. 

Power tip 2: Stay being physically active.

Workout or exercise can do lots of things for the body. It can help improve healthy metabolism, leading to successful weight loss. However, it can do more things than what you can think of. Exercising also helps improve mood, good concentration, and sustain memory health.

There are various things you can do for exercise.
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Good examples are daily walk Zumba, yoga, and water aerobics. These exercises are not heavy, so it is easy to implement.

Power tip 3: Avoid too many stresses or manage them effectively.

Research shows stress can negatively impact physical health, as well as your brain.
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Likewise, those who had serious and a lot of stress in their lives like the ones who suffer from major depression experience impairment in memory and concentration. Meanwhile, Neuroscientists found out that high levels of cortisol (stress hormones) may cause damage to the human brain. Even the brain structure gets affected, which might result in a serious mental health condition as well.

Power tip 4: Keep your brain active.

Keeping your brain active makes it work more efficiently. This might be related to learning new things, but it is not limited to that. You can simply practice socialization. According to research, people having more frequent social contact will be less likely to experience a decline in cognitive function. It also decreases the risk of developing dementia.

You may also listen to music regularly. This habit activates different parts of the brain, and they keep working together. Researchers concluded that it is a great source of improvement in cognitive functions and abilities, as well as a person’s overall well-being. Reading, solving puzzles, and playing card games are also effective tools for keeping the brain active.

Power tip 5: Use Nootropics

Nootropic stacks are dietary supplements that are supposed to improve your cognitive performance and brain health. Components in the finest nootropics stack provide cognitive benefits like increased memory recall, creativity, learning focus, and total brain function.

Nootropics improve blood circulation in the brain by improving the delivery of nutrients and oxygen to these essential organs. Nootropics and smart medications also improve cell-to-cell communication and nourish brain chemicals while eliminating harmful poisons.

Final Thoughts

Even the Healthcanal website promotes taking care of your mental well-being, it is as important as your physical state. The good news is there are different ways to improve and sustain your brain’s health. Now, it is your time to make an action and be filled with joy through a healthy brain.

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