How Do You Know If the Lawyer is Right for You?

by Sudarsan

Whether you are stuck in a domestic dispute or scouting for legal assistance in a corporate issue, finding the right lawyer is important. But with the options of so many legal service providers, it is very difficult to select the one that would be perfect for you.

To make your choice quick and easy, we have identified a few peculiar traits of a good lawyer. If you do not have resources to help you determine the type of lawyer, you should choose, then peruse this article for detailed understanding. 

These are some of the qualities that a good lawyer should exhibit:

Quality # 1: Great at Listening

One of the top traits of a good lawyer is that he or she should have great listening skills. A lawyer who is quick to jump to conclusions without gathering the facts would be of no benefit. 

Listening skills also include responding judiciously. A good lawyer would be patient enough to let you explain your issues and gather facts from you and then advise based on his analysis of the situation. 

Quality # 2: Expert in the Domain

There are numerous types of lawyers. For example, real estate lawyers, family lawyers, corporate lawyers, lawyers specialising in licensing, etc. You need to check if the lawyer you have shortlisted is a specialist in the domain of your requirement. 

A lawyer may be experienced and expert in family inheritance, but he or she would not be considered a good fit if you need help with your real estate. An Adelaide legal firm with expertise in real estate would be a far better choice for handling matters related to your real-estate related requirement. 

Quality # 3: Experienced

If you have already determined the lawyer’s expertise and chosen him in the respective domain of your need, you must move to the next step. Now, you need to find out if your lawyer has good experience handling cases like yours. 

Also, make sure to check their success percentage in handling or winning such cases. If they have an impeccable track record, consider them perfect for your job. 

Quality # 4: Optimistic but Objective

Optimism is one thing, and being objective about the situation is another. A good lawyer always analyses the situation and responds with his objective solution. They represent qualities that are assuring and thus gain your confidence. 

Do not trust the lawyers who tend to over-promise and under-deliver. Not all cases are meant to be won, and some are settled or sometimes withdrawn. A good lawyer would always strive at guiding you in the right direction. 

Quality # 5: Straightforward

Do not trust lawyers who constantly talk in hay-wire legal jargon without offering any clarity. If your lawyer is straightforward about the case without worrying about the unpleasantness it might bring to you, is actually a good lawyer. 

Good lawyers are often sought after not because they only make you feel good but because they are straightforward and do not believe in wasting anyone’s time. With a good lawyer, you would always get clear advice regarding the case development. 

Quality # 6: Has Clear Fee Structure

An ambiguous fee structure is a clear sign that you are being ripped off. A good lawyer will always have a clearly defined fee structure. Moreover, a reliable lawyer would always discuss the fees clearly before taking on your case. 

The lawyer who is vague about the number of hours required on the case and the additional costs would care less about your case. It is evident that they are only concerned about raising invoices. Stay away from such legal practitioners and choose the one who has a clear fee structure. 

Quality # 7: Trustworthy

A good lawyer is one that gains your trust from the first meeting. Unless you are able to trust him, you would not be able to discuss the case with him openly. Neither would be lawyer be of much use in such cases. A good lawyer is one with whom you feel completely comfortable discussing the specifics of your case.

If you do not trust your current lawyer and are not forthcoming about the specifics of your case, it would hardly reap any benefits. Better to switch to someone reliable and trustworthy. 

Quality # 8: Has Great Reviews

Always check their past client’s reviews from public portals like Yelp, Facebook, or local listings. You would get a clear idea about the experiences of past clients with the lawyer.

If you are lucky, you will find the review of someone you already know. You can get in touch with them and get a clear insight about the services of the lawyer. 


Life is filled with various types of uncertainties. No matter how much we dislike getting into legal issues, some circumstances are just out of hand. 

In such instances, we seek the advice of a lawyer. But soliciting to services of a lawyer who is incapable of handling your case would only bring further aggravation. Use the tips mentioned in this article and decide for yourself if your lawyer is right for your case or not.

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