Creative Ways to Spend Your Retirement

by Sudarsan

There were a lot of things you weren’t able to do when you were younger. But in your retirement years, you have all the time and most likely a nest egg to spend on what you love—whether old or new hobbies and interests.

Every phase in life, you only get to live at least once, so make sure to make the best out of your retirement years. Start with the right mindset. Choose to age with grace and lead a fulfilling life.

How Most Retirees Spend Their Time

Relaxation is always available for retirees, with people older than 65 that spend more than 7 hours every day for leisure and sports, which is more than the hours the rest of the population usually spend. Older people have all the time in their lives.

Older Americans watch TV every day for an average of two hours and forty-five minutes. And compared to leisure activities, sleeping takes more of their time, reaching even up to nine hours.

They tend to spend more time on household chores than the rest of the American population too, usually taking an average of 2.4 hours every day for housework, lawn care, food preparation, and more.

Eating, drinking, and shopping takes longer with the elderly too, sitting on the table longer during meals and having more time to compare shops, prices, purchases, and more.

However, an alarming number of seniors, particularly at the age of 65 and older, are living alone. As per APA, there are 12 million seniors living in isolation for various reasons, which may not be good for their health and overall well-being.

To avoid this isolation, some older adults choose to move to fully-equipped retirement homes and surround themselves with their peers. There are so many other ways retirees can spend their time and lead fulfilling lives.

Tips for Retirees: How to Spice Up Life

You have all the time in the world to follow your heart. Whatever you’ve missed out on when you were younger,  it’s time to get back on them in your retirement years. Just be reminded to use your nest egg wisely. Even at 65, you’d probably still have so many years ahead of you.

The best you can do is to live within your means. Stick to your budget, according to your income, most likely from your monthly pension. This way, you avoid overspending. Also, to not underspend and avoid depriving yourself of the experiences you deserve, research how much your withdrawal rate should be to match your leisure expenses.

Here are some practical and creative ways you can get the best out of life in these years:


It’s time to see other parts of the world! You don’t have work agendas anymore to limit the duration of your vacation, so as much as possible, extend your time at any place you choose.


If you’ve lived in a busy city for the most part of your life, try something new like moving out to the country. Anyway, there’s not much reason to stay in the city if you don’t plan to get a job, most likely part-time. In the countryside, you have all the freedom to raise livestock or take care of a garden.

But you could also go the other way, even closer to the city, especially when you love the amenities and necessities in the metropolis.

Remodel home

When you can’t give up your home, you can always just remodel it. It’s not easy to give your home up, memories and all, so another way is to remodel it and make it much more comfortable, aesthetic, or whatever you want it to look like.


Who says you can’t do any more work? You don’t have to stop all of a sudden, especially for a job that you love the most. Ask your company if you can transition to a part-time basis, and with your experience, you can even apply for consultancy roles.

More socialization

Never underestimate the power of socialization to improve the quality of your life. You can choose to give back to your community, visit family more often, hang out with friends, and more.


It’s never too late to take a vocational course or degree. Local colleges usually offer free or discounted rates for students in their retirement years. Keep learning and continually get your mind worked out.

The saying “you can’t teach an old dog a new trick” isn’t completely true. In your older years, you have more time to try everything new, even if it’s playing music, language, sport, skills, and hobbies. In fact, continually being open-minded to experience new things is one secret to having a fulfilling life despite old age.

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