Effective Marketing Strategies to Increase Sales on your POS System

by Sudarsan Chakraborty

The merchandising and promotional activities around the register or the online cart and checkout pages are referred to as point-of-sale (POS) marketing. When done correctly, POS marketing may assist increase your company’s upselling and cross-selling possibilities, strengthen your brand, improve customer experiences, and improve the aesthetic attractiveness of your Shopify store.

Display Recently Viewed Items

You may remind online consumers of what they have previously seen as a POS marketing tactic and offer them product suggestions. Showing them items they have shown an interest in is a terrific method to bring prior goods to the forefront of their thoughts and encourage them to buy them—sometimes, a second reminder is all that is required. In addition, displaying recently seen goods can help consumers navigate your site and discover their favorite things again.

At the bottom of your shopping cart page, include a “Recently Viewed Items” section. You could also wish to use a “Quick Add” button on these goods so shoppers can click it without leaving their shopping carts. This will reduce the inertia of adding anything new to the basket when your customers are already on the checkout page and have probably finished buying.

At the Checkout, Suggest Complementary Products.

Another technique to increase sales with POS marketing is to provide product recommendations at checkout. Product suggestions are when you propose comparable or complementary goods based on what customers see or add to their shopping carts.
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For example, if a client has a pair of denim shorts in their basket, you may offer complimenting shirts and shoes to complete the look. Product recommendations are an excellent upselling tactic that helps clients browse more efficiently. For more information on this check out AfterSell.

Make a Sample Area

A sample area is a terrific method to expose visitors to new items and increase sales, whether you are tasting a fresh snack or demonstrating to them how to use a highlighted product.

You may make your samples and stations or contact your supplier for sample inventories and displays. Otherwise, a basic foldable table with signs should suffice.

Set up your sample near the checkout desk, but ensure it doesn’t get congested or disturb the wait. This allows you to capitalize on clients ready to make a purchase, generate impulsive purchases, and keep orders in your checkout area.
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With Free Shipping, You Can Entice Online Shoppers.

POS marketing is vital not just for brick-and-mortar establishments but also for developing a solid online presence. POS marketing refers to all design and marketing initiatives around the shopping cart and checkout pages on eCommerce sites.

Effective eCommerce POS marketing, like in-store marketing, may help you generate impulsive purchases, upsell, and make shopping more straightforward for your consumers.

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