Everything You Need To Know About LinkedIn Recommendations (with Examples)

by Sudarsan

If you have been applying to jobs lately, you know how important it is to have a great LinkedIn profile. This networking website is a great tool that helps people develop their careers. One of the best ways to make your LinkedIn profile stand out is by adding a recommendations section.

LinkedIn allows users to connect with others in their field and even apply for jobs. So, it’s a great idea to add a recommendations section to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the rest. Recommendations catch the recruiter’s attention and improve your chances of getting contacted.

Here is everything you need to know about LinkedIn recommendations and why you should add them to your LinkedIn profile. We will also tell you how to ask for a recommendation and show you some samples at the end. 

1. What is the Recommendation Section on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn profiles are made up of “sections.” You can add any section to your profile depending on what you want to show potential employers or peers. LinkedIn recommendations are like the new version of the recommendation letters. Sometimes, people get recommendation letters from employers, peers, or professors. Instead of asking for formal letters, ask for recommendations on LinkedIn! It is an excellent way of showing them to other people.

Nowadays, most companies do not ask for recommendation letters from potential candidates. However, you often want to show them what people think about you, your skill set, and your work ethic. So, LinkedIn recommendations are the best way to do so. Everyone visiting your profile will be impressed.

Adding recommendations to your profile is a way to support the information on the rest of your profile. Think of recommendations as outside sources of information about you. Other people can support what you put on your résumé by testifying they have seen your skills in action. Hiring managers can trust you more when others support you in the professional field. All of this can increase your chances of getting hired.

So, we strongly recommend working on the recommendation section of your LinkedIn profile!

2. Who Can Give LinkedIn Recommendations?

Many people want to get LinkedIn recommendations, but they don’t know where to start. Especially who to ask for a recommendation. The answer to this question is simple: you can ask anyone you have interacted with in the professional field for a recommendation. You can ask your colleagues, previous bosses, former professors, and more.

Essentially, people whom you worked with, or anyone who has seen your work is included in this list. Vendors or clients? Sure! Anyone who has seen your accomplishments or valued your work can give you a recommendation.

Personal recommendations are good, but not for LinkedIn profiles. Make sure not to ask family members or people you have a personal relationship with. Their opinion can be biased and not relevant in the professional field.

3. How to Ask For a Recommendation on LinkedIn

Now that you know the who, you need to know the how. This process is more straightforward than you think, but not everyone knows.

To add a recommendation to your LinkedIn profile, you first need to go to your profile. Then, select the option “Add profile section” on the heading. Once the pop-up menu appears, select the option “Recommended.” There, you can choose the type of recommendation you want to add. After that, you select the person you want to get a LinkedIn recommendation from. Once you choose the person, you need to write a message requesting a recommendation.

There are four basic steps on how to ask for a recommendation that can help you write the request message:

Step 1: Tell the person you’re asking how much you enjoyed working with them. Also, express how meaningful that professional interaction was for you.

Step 2: Be specific and mention the exact projects you worked together on and the dates. This information will help them remember your work and write a better recommendation.

Step 3: If you want them to include specific skills in their recommendation, don’t hesitate to ask. Mentioning those skills can help them to write the recommendation.

Step 4: Show how much you appreciate them writing a recommendation for you. Maybe even tell them how your job hunt is going and how much their recommendation will help you.

Also, don’t forget to offer to write a recommendation in return. They might be more inclined to do you the favor if you also have something to offer.

  1. What Should a LinkedIn Recommendation Include?

LinkedIn recommendations are not just saying: “John Doe is a great person, and I enjoyed working with them.” There is some basic information LinkedIn recommendations should include, such as:

  • How you two were associated in the professional field.
  • Where and when did you both work together.
  • What did you both work on together? (Adding some details would be great)
  • The person’s point of view and opinion of your work from a professional point of view.
  • Don’t expect too much praise in the recommendation. It does not sound professional.

4. LinkedIn Recommendation Example

Finally, when we put together all the elements previously mentioned, we get a LinkedIn recommendation. Here is an example of how you or the person writing a recommendation can do this.

I worked with (your name) for two years as a fellow content writer for (name of the company). While working collaboratively on company-wide projects, I could see what a great writer and teammate (your name) is. His/her/their exceptional (specific technical skills) allowed him/her/them to develop amazing content for the company, making him/her/them a great asset to the team. His/her/their personality and positive attitude allowed great interaction with the rest of the team, making him/her/them a true delight to work with.

Remember, there is not an exact way to write LinkedIn recommendations. Just make sure your recommendation includes the basic information about the working relationship. It is key to include details about the work and skills.


Now you know everything about LinkedIn recommendations! You learned how important it is to add this section to your profile, and how to ask for a recommendation. So, go ahead and get those recommendations to make your LinkedIn profile stand out from the crowd.

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