Explore a Startup Owner’s Checklist for Digital Marketing to Kickstart Your Business

by Sudarsan

Every business has to go through a startup stage, where revenue is bound to be light, clients are sparse, and the business owner is not cent percent certain about things he is doing. However, the Internet is a versatile and cost-effective platform for entrepreneurs wanting to establish an audience and even scale their business. We have come up with some of the top digital marketing strategies for startups so that newbie entrepreneurs could focus their attention on quickly growing and boosting their brands. As per 2016 statistics, entrepreneurs come up with 550,000 new organizations every month. It is a highly competitive scenario. We understand that successfully marketing and promoting, a new firm amidst a sea of new firms or startups, could prove to be a daunting task. Moreover, these startups will be competing with established market leaders with advanced and well-greased marketing machines.

According to Huffington Post, marketing budgets often are reduced when the startups are in their initial stages, but this could be an unwise move. That is because marketing is your best opportunity for grabbing the attention of potential customers and gain more revenue. Marketing should be considered, as an investment, and the more resources you are devoting to marketing, you are ensuring that you will get a lot more out of it. However, there are many ways of cutting through the competition and noise. You could easily reach your precise target audience without burning a hole in your pocket. You simply need to do a few things in a different way.

According to the Search Engine Journal, we all are living in an era of instant gratification. Everyone is working toward getting positive results, particularly if outside investors seem to be involved. The pressure and incredible stress to meet short-term deadlines could easily hamper your judgments and hinder your decision-making abilities. It may make you ignore the advantages of optimization for long-term objectives and goals. Startup digital marketing involves capitalizing on cost-effective ways of leveraging valuable messages from small teams.

Focus Your Attention on the Marketing Strategy

You may need a laser focus while chalking out a robust marketing stratagem. Moreover, scheduling and building an efficient content marketing stratagem could be instrumental in boosting your firm’s success. Around 72 percent of digital marketers believe that content marketing helps boost overall engagement. Your content needs to be supported with proper research, SEO, and analytics. 

Establish a Robust Quality

The quality establishment could be controlled and managed effectively at your end. Coming up with an impactful product is not the sole call of a multinational company. Even startups can focus on producing a top-quality product by being thoughtful, by deliberating before taking any proactive step, and by thinking just the way their audience would want while building a robust, and influential brand. A reputed digital marketing agency, Auckland provides perfect online marketing solutions to take your business to the next level.

Establishing Reach &Scope

It is feasible to build reach and scope even if there is no pre-established brand. The target audience’s size could be effectively fostered using influencer marketing, guest blogging, and affiliate programs. 

Seek Assistance from Influencers

You may leverage the power, and versatility of influencers for driving engagement, profits, and boosting social media visibility. It is not essential on your part, to consider reaching out to only those influencers who are having millions of fans or followers. The follower count is not that vital. The right kind of follower base is more critical. It is more important to spread your message to the perfect customer base. Only if you are successful in reaching the right influencers, it could be useful in driving potential profit and reaping immense benefits from each influencer. 

Initiate with the Help of an Exclusive Beta

It is essentially human nature to want something that we cannot have. By utilizing a beta when you are opening your startup firm to new users, you could be successful in creating a touch of exclusivity about your brand or product. You may allow frenzied fans to start signing up first. It has been utilized by numerous startup firms for attracting their first users. Way back in 2013, we have seen how the Slack homepage was indicating that it is mandatory to receive an invitation for using their product. A similar strategy has been used by some other startups such as Pinterest and PayPal and this strategy could be used seamlessly for promoting your product.

Use Email Marketing

Email marketing was once all about sending newsletters and gathering email lists. However, thanks to marketing automation today, there has been a radical change in the game. Present software can help in creating and sending highly customized messages depending on custom triggers, with branching workflows and responsive templates. Thanks to automation, your team will be accomplishing more with less. We understand that HubSpot is having a program with support and automation tools for scaling businesses. You are free to capture email addresses via subscriptions, blogs, and newsletters however gated content such as downloadable white papers and e-books can prove to be highly effective. Email boasts of a relatively higher conversion rate as compared to organic search combined with social media. Returns like that could help to maximize the impact of your team.

Email is currently more alive and kicking today than never before. Every website is looking for visitors to come up with their email address, irrespective of whether it is The New York Times, Facebook, or Twitter. That is simply because everybody has an email address, and they are in the habit of logging in many times per day. Moreover, most smartphone users are signed 24×7 into their email with even push notifications enabled. We understand that email is a direct, reliable, and personal way of connecting with others. Hence it is very much in demand today.

Do Meticulous Competitor Research

You may focus on knowing every smallest detail about your competitors. They are quite hungry and waiting to devour your present or potential clients. You may devote a lot of time and effort to keep monitoring your competition. By keeping constant track of your competitors, you understand the rationale behind their behavior and so you can successfully anticipate steps that they are likely to take in the future. 


Do not ever forget that it is of pivotal importance to identify specific goals before determining a marketing stratagem and web platform. Always look forward to the future. Browse through the checklist and accordingly take a giant leap in that direction.

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