How are Memes Playing a Vital Role in Digital Marketing?

by Sudarsan


Have you ever thought about memes and what they are? If you use the internet daily and spend a lot of time surfing through social media, you must have come across a picture of a toddler clad in green and white shirt flaunting a determined look on his face with a fist of sand clench. Under the picture, there is only one-word SUCCESS. This meme became an instant hit going viral all over the internet, and it was named “success kid.” The publisher of this image licensed it for commercial use, and even the White House used it for promoting immigration reforms. These incidents prove that meme generators like Kapwing, InVideo and Imgflip can be a powerful marketing tool.

The Utility of Memes

When it comes to grabbing attention, all it will take on your part is a click. You will see that everyone can relate to Ethem in an instant. It is possible to use memes in various marketing campaigns, more so in email marketing and its benefits through higher click-through rates.

There are hundreds of passionate digital marketers who keep in touch with other digital marketers from all over the world. It helps them to discuss the effective ways of using memes for the optimization of digital marketing engagement. You can look forward to getting innovative ideas by following this practice.

Why Memes matter?

If you want to make your email campaigns, successful memes are indeed a great way of engaging audiences. In this regard, for example, an email campaign targeting local caregivers contains a meme of a celebrated artist having the caption “A toast for all the Alzheimer caregivers- There is a special place for you in heaven.” Thus, by using a meme, it is possible to turn a sad situation into amusing. It was indeed a delightful and out of the box idea to express gratitude for caregivers, who later shared it on their Facebook accounts.

Optimizing the potential of memes

You may have noticed that young adults are continuously bombarded with paid advertisements. This marketing pitch has become old, and they are not as effective as they used to be earlier. However, when you use avideo meme, the concerned person could be interested in the products and services on offer. Yet, you can at least expect to have a laugh out of it.

It is difficult to ignore audio-visual content. They are highly effective in engaging audiences, particularly millennials.

  •   More than three billion people use social media today, and 60 percent of them use it for funny content.
  • Apart from millennials, it has been found that they can engage any generation.
  •  Memes are highly sought entertainment on social media, and all generations of users relate to it.
  • One cannot undermine the value of memes not only among millennials but also among gen Z demographics.
  • Marketers from any industry will be capable of capitalizing on this medium.
  • In reality, memes convey positive emotions, and they are, in a way, helping to break the ice and engage.
  • It shows that edgy humor is more authentic when brands are eligible for claiming a disruptive message. This is what makes them engaging and edgy.

If you get in touch with senior digital marketers, you will understand that they develop ideas to engage and honor referral sources, a team of social workers. Their loyalty was appreciable, and you may develop the desire to do something out of the ordinary for them on Social Work Day. You can try your luck with a hilarious meme, “Social Workers: People’s perception versus the reality.” Very soon, the meme became viral all over their social media channels.

Why Memes are So Valued in Digital Marketing

Market researchers have observed more than ten million meme interactions across various interests, topics, and user demographics. It has been found that, on average, the millennial watches around 20 to 30 memes daily. Moreover, it revealed that graphics used for regular marketing yields about  5 percent engagement. Using a meme maker can help you achieve more than 10 times reach and about  60 percent organic engagement. There is just no comparison.


While memes are trending fast and bright, we have to unanimously agree that they can have far-reaching impacts on your target audience. If you create an advertising and marketing campaign involving memes, it can prove to be an excellent way of expanding your outreach and improving your brand awareness. The use of memes in your digital marketing strategy rightfully deserves impartial consideration. With a little research, it can go a long way in avoiding embarrassment. The lifespan of an average meme is around 72 hours. Within that time frame, you can start creating memes right here and then share it with millions. Memes are an instrument of expression through simple images, which have real power. They can create both a  personal and universal experience at the same time. 

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