by Sudarsan

According to research, a professional’s soft skills such as communication directly impact how the patient perceives the facility and care provided. Excellent communication strengthens the trust the patient has in the dentist, increasing the chances of success of the oral treatment. Fortunately, advances in dental technology are offering dentists better communication solutions than before.
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Dentists are utilizing technology to make dentistry more comfortable, efficient, and convenient, thereby enhancing the patient communication level.

The use of technology in dentistry to improve patient communication could be as simple as increasing the number of phone service lines so that calls are answered on time. It can also be as elaborate as creating a new interactive website that allows doctors and patients to discuss oral health topics such as all on 4 benefits. These days, technology has become an essential part of our lives. It is time for dental practices to use technology to connect with patients, thus improving patient communication. Here is how:

Through online appointment booking systems

With the technology available, no one wants to waste time physically visiting a dental facility to book a dentist appointment. Establishing an online booking system for patients to schedule dental appointments makes things easier for the patient and the dental practice. People want to make dental appointments when it is convenient for them. An online appointment booking system means that a patient can look at the available dentist schedule and book a convenient time. That also reduces the workload of the reception staff and people waiting on the phone to schedule appointments.

Reminders for the patients

Many patients book dental appointments, and because they lead busy lives, they end up forgetting about the appointment. That is a big inconvenience to the practice as the dentist is left with free time, which could have been productive. Again, in some areas, dentists are few and busy, which results in deregistering patients who miss appointments. Luckily, the availability of technology can change that. Dental practices can set automated reminders for patients via email or texts to reduce the problem of missed appointments. If the patient gets busy during the scheduled day, that allows them to reschedule in advance. Automated reminders for patients’ dental appointments improve the level of patient communication in dentistry.

Visualizing treatments

Technology continues to be useful even after the patient visits the dentists. These days, there is digital photography in dentistry that can help dentists visualize the condition of the patient’s teeth to get a clue where treatment is required. It includes digital radiography that shows clear images of the patient’s teeth to help them understand the diagnosis and reassure them about the treatment. Dentists can also utilize digital photography to show patients what their teeth will look like after a dental procedure, such as a smile makeover. This improves patient communication as they can inform the dentists of what their expectations are after dental procedures.

Give feedback

Obtaining feedback from patients is one way through which a dental facility can improve its services. With technology, dental practices can send personalized questions and surveys to patients to keep communication open even after leaving the facility. That also helps dentists offer better after-care support.

The bottom line

Dental technology advances are beneficial in improving patient experience making dentistry even better.

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