How Does Rehab Work? Your Guide to Helping a Loved One

by Sudarsan

Are you worried about a friend or loved one who seems to have a problem controlling their drug or alcohol use?

You’ve got every reason to feel that way. Every year, tens of thousands of people die of drug overdoses in the US.

Do you want to save your friend from the same fate?

Rehabilitation is often the best solution for people struggling with addiction, but how does rehab work? Keep reading to find out what your friend can expect on arrival.

How Does Rehab Work?

There are two main types of rehabilitation facilities. These are inpatient and outpatient initiatives. 

Inpatient rehabilitation involves removing the addict from society for a while so they can focus on their recovery in a sheltered environment. These institutions offer assisted detoxification as well as comprehensive therapy from professionals who know how to treat addiction.

Those who sign up for outpatient programs don’t have to leave their day jobs and family responsibilities. Instead, they report to a hospital or clinic for their treatment.  This includes medication to help them cope with withdrawal symptoms as well as counseling from trained professionals.

There are many best rehab centers that offer both such facilities. For example, if you or your loved one are seeking recovery from drug addiction, the program for drug detox at WhiteSands could be the option you may want to consider because it offers both the inpatient and outpatient facilities out of which you can choose the best one for yourself as per the needs.

At first, patients attend sessions every few days, but this decreases over time as they start to beat their addiction. 

Step one is convincing your loved one to agree to treatment. Step two is easy, simply search online for ‘detox near me‘ and you’ll find a host of reputable rehabs to choose from. 

You can also speak to a healthcare professional, or call your local branch of NA or AA for assistance.   

How Does Rehabilitation Work to Create Change?

During their time in a rehabilitation center, patients work hard to get to the root of the issues behind their behavior.

In many cases, excessive drug and alcohol use results from underlying trauma. Sometimes it’s caused by mental issues, and other times it’s simply a matter of genetics.

Every rehab has its own tactics for addressing these problems, but they all have one aim. This is to lead the addict to a heightened sense of self-awareness that helps them turn their back on addiction and all it entails.

Maintaining sobriety’s a full-time job and ongoing outpatient therapy’s essential for maintaining sobriety but this way of life brings many rewards.

For the addict, recovery means a renewed sense of purpose, freedom from health issues, and increased job security.

For many addicts, their unhealthy relationship with drugs or alcohol brings overwhelming feelings of guilt. All these dissipate when they turn their back on substance abuse. 

Find a Better Way

Now, when you broach the subject with your loved one, you can answer their questions about, ‘How does rehab work?’ with confidence.

It’s important to avoid all conflict in your discussions with them. Understand that addiction’s a disease like any other, so avoid laying blame. 

If you alienate them at the outset, they may never get the help they need, and we all know where that ends. 

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