How to increase website conversions with explainer videos

by Sudarsan

Various brands across various industries are searching for ways to increase their conversions. The best method of increasing conversions is an animated explainer video or an animated promotional video. When it comes to audience engagement and customer acquisition tools in this modern or digital age, you can rely on explainer videos. 

Your viewers will be attracted to those videos instantly. Additionally, it creates powerful associations, creates an emotional drive, and evokes interest in your brand. Moreover, it invites you to follow a call to action (CTA). Before you get to know how useful it is in increasing conversions, read on to learn what exactly an explainer video is.

What is an explainer video?

Wide varieties of brands generate leads and increase their traffic with the help of explainer videos. For those who don’t know about explainer videos: they are nothing but short animated videos utilized by different businesses that describe the brand’s stories concisely and creatively. It is used for sales and marketing purposes. 

Furthermore, it helps in highlighting the product, service, or brand identity of the company. Many of these videos have gained popularity over time. Some websites have boasted for as much as 144 percent of increasing conversion rates after uploading explainer videos on their sites.

What are the ways to increase your conversion with the explainer videos?

There is a saying, ‘The first impression is the last impression.’ That’s why marketers understand the importance of an excellent website and its first impression for your business or blog. 

They also know the significance of headline writing and fantastic copy to share a clear and compelling message to the audience. Testimonials are as crucial as a good headline or copy since it helps in improving the credibility. Below listed are the ways to increase your conversion with the explainer videos.

  1. Tell your brand story and introduce your products: You can describe your brand’s story and effectively introduce the products or services by gaining engagement from the audience. You can upload a 3-minute animated video on the website to keep your potential customers hooked. 

Additionally, it will motivate the audience to check your website regularly. The videos will attract your audience, and they will listen with delight to what your brand is saying. Creating an animated video helps to drive traffic and increase conversions. Most of all, your cold audience will be converted into leads.

  1. Share your animated videos on social media: Visual content appeals to the audience, especially on social networking sites or social media. Sharing creative and fun animation videos keeps your audience engaged and helps them in learning about the company. If your audience finds the video to be appealing, they can share it with their friends. When you get more shares, you get an extensive reach and more traffic. Lastly, you will get more brand conversions in the process.
  1. Evoke emotions and convey information effectively: An excellent animation video evokes emotions with funny stories, compelling images, appropriate music, and animated heroes. It can make you smile, laugh, and be filled with emotions. A fantastic storyline can positively impact the brand. 

Moreover, you can ensure an increase in customer loyalty and conversions. After all, customers buy when emotions drive them. An animated explainer video conveys the brand’s message and transfers information effectively at a visual and auditory level. With a video of about 2 to 3 minutes, you can produce informational and engaging content in a way that your audience won’t get bored.

  1. Build your brand: Video explainers with brand logos, colors, and messages describe the uniqueness of the company and growing brand awareness. You can post the explainers on social media to strengthen your brand image and increase the recognisability of the company.

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