How to Navigate the Top 5 Digital Marketing Trends Influencing Your Business?

by Sudarsan

In the modern world, most of these trends are considered to be very beneficial for the future. In digital marketing, trends evolve frequently. Since technology continuously develops and advances over time, the demand of the customers also increases. Therefore, it is vital for any industry to adapt to these changes to continue to achieve success. 

It is essential to understand which trends are important for the development of a business before taking up any of these trends. Here is the list of the trends that can prove to be beneficial for any marketing team. 

Development of Micro-Influencer

Influencer marketing is one of the most useful tools that can be taken up by any brand. This type of advertisement is very reliable, trusted, and also increase the level of engagement. 

However, the influencer with a well-known name requests a higher pay. So, it might not give back the needed result even with the high expense. Sometimes, the high level of advertisements is sometimes not beneficial for a company. 

The engagement numbers of the micro-influencers (between 2,000-100,000) are normally a lot higher than that of the bigger accounts. Many surveys showed that the engagement level of micro-influencers could be three times higher than that of the big accounts with 500,00+ followers. 

The advantage of the micro-influencer is that they have a particular area that they specialize in. Their contents normally revolve around a specific area. Many followers also tend to buy products that are promoted by the influencer. 

Online Video

Majority of the internet usage revolves around online or live streaming. It is also predicted to increase in number in the near future. Most of the brands select this method of promotion since it offers incredible results on the basis of the engagement level. However, it is crucial to provide a higher quality of content and a meaningful message for the viewers to keep watching the video. Since many times the viewers leave a video midway due to its poor quality of content. 

The online videos have turned into a type of production to keep the viewers interested in the content, including the chances for the viewers to engage and interact increases the number of audiences along with the watch time. 

Personalization of the Customers journey

Over the years, it has become incredibly sophisticated and customized. The journey of the customers can be supported by accurate information. However, personalization has proven to be very beneficial for numerous industries. However, it is essential to provide personalization in a proper way to get the required results. 

Through machine learning, AI, and big data technology, an accurate and efficient personalization plan can be supported. AI technology is very crucial to customize the journey of the customers, beginning with their frequent or repeated purchases. Therefore, it is important for companies to use AI technology in the personalization strategy to receive better results. 

Instant Conversation Importance

In the modern world, customer support has become a necessity for companies. Every customer demands a quicker response or feedback. Thus, the urgency of customer support has increased exponentially. Every company needs to give this service to the customers because if they fail, it leads to a loss in sales. As per studies conducted, more than 75% of customers tend to buy products from websites that provide live customer support.

A customer that is able to engage a conversation via instant customer support tend to purchase a product 4.6 times more and also, as a result, becomes a regular customer. As per statistics, only 10% of the websites offer the customers an option for live chat support. Even such websites are having trouble to provide service to each customer, and thus, around 20% of customer questions are not responded by them.

As a result, companies must hire skilled individuals that can handle various queries which are asked by the customers. Companies are also investing in chatbot services that offer solutions to common problems and help increase sales. These chatbots use AI technology to make instant conversations, and thus if there is a need to connect with real customer service executive, chatbots re-direct the conversation to them. This way, quality service is provided to the customers.


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Final Words

Not every business can utilize the same idea or method. However, it is possible for the industries to take something from every trend to enhance their outcomes. The main goal is to stay up-to-date related to new trends.

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