How to prepare for COBIT-5 certification in one month?

by Sudarsan

If you are looking for a promising career in IT, you need a relevant certificate. The IT industry is changing considerably for the past few years. Due to the uncertainty in the hard skills that most people require, it is difficult to understand which skills you need. In such a scenario, having a certificate from a reputed source will help you in times of crisis.

The COBIT 5 course focuses on the governance and the management aspects of IT. It is beneficial because it gives a different dimension to the IT infrastructure in many organizations. For most people, the COBIT 5 foundation certificate seems daunting. But, that will not be the case if you understand its nuances properly.

The COBIT 5 certification

Under the COBIT 5 Foundation certification, you will learn seven enablers and several other management processes. All of them will help you understand the common concept of goals cascade. It also includes guidance about how to implement the COBIT principles in your work areas. If you understand the framework of the COBIT principles, it will become easier for you to implement it.

Some of the key IT principles are covered in the COBIT 5 framework. Apart from that, you also get to learn about different management principles. For every IT professional interested in the management side of things, the COBIT 5 certificate will be very helpful. What you need to understand is that COBIT 5 is not an ITSM approach. Although it focuses on the management angle of things, it would not be wise to call it an ITSM approach.

Updates to the COBIT 5 certification

COBIT 5 underwent several updates. The most recent one made some changes in the infrastructure and functioning of the COBIT 5 principles. Importance of the governance will be more pronounced now than ever. 

It has been more than six years since the inception of the last COBIT model. Thus, many skills have undergone changes. So, it was necessary to upgrade the infrastructure of the COBIT 5 certificate. The standards of COBIT 5 also underwent some changes. 

It is important not to lose relevance in a changing environment. That has been the main purpose behind upgrading COBIT to the latest version. But, what does it mean to the examinees? Probably not much. The preparation strategy for COBIT 5 still remains the same, even after all these changes. Some people want to clear the exam and get a certification within a few days. With the right preparation strategy, even that is possible.

How to prepare for COBIT-5 certification in one month?

COBIT-5 certification is easy if you prepare for it in the right way. With the right strategy, you can prepare for the exam in just a month. Although many people think that getting this certification is easy, it is not entirely true. You need to prepare a lot to get through this exam. No exam comes easy. Every exam needs its own strategy and preparedness. If you wish to pass the exam in a month, here’s what you should do.

  • Prepare in advance. If you know that you will get only one month to prepare, you need to plan a strategy in advance. 
  • Divide your study schedule according to different areas of knowledge. Focus on your stronger areas as they will get you more marks.
  • Taking a course can help you sail through the exam. The course will teach you how to manage time within the 40 minutes of the exam. As a result, you will be able to give the exam without any problem. 
  • Understanding the syllabus of the exam will also give you an edge in the examination. That’s because most people never read the syllabus thoroughly. So, going through the syllabus will help you understand what kind of questions to expect.
  • Practicing sample question papers will also help you get through the exam easily. Only studying for the exam will not do you any good. You need to practice the questions and look at their pattern. There are some tricky questions that you need to focus on during the exam.

With these strategies, you can easily pass the COBIT-5 foundation certification within a month. Preparing well for the exam will help you sail through the exam. Showing the COBIT-5 certification on your resume will help you get more jobs and build a good career.

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