CISSP certification Jobs which will pay you good in 2020

by Sudarsan

(ISC)2 is proud to announce CISSP as one of its credentials that stands 6th in the top ten salaries earning potential. The certification is vendor-neutral and is considered to be the top-notch certification of the world.  

Achieving a CISSP is compared to earning a Master’s degree. An entrant role can earn you an average salary of $120000 per annum. In recent time, (ISC)2 making a global approach to attract the professionals by clearing the clot of tradition image. Earlier CISSP suffered a peculiar perception of being out of reach. But today, with lesser domains and diminished hours of examination and questions pattern, the gap is bridged. 

CISSP is very important in Mergers and acquisitions process. The Data is volatile here, and the suspicious breach is rising in numbers. With a CISSP certification, a professional can work on the overall security posture and can determine the fate of the organization. Making priorities and working ceaselessly on them makes a CISSP professional contrast to any other certification. The domains it covers is vast, and the perspective it awards makes the biggest of the difference. A CISSP professional is a manager, authorizer, a cryptographer, an analyst and an authority. He is all in one solution for organizations. 

Thus, organizations tend to invest in their potential candidates to take on this certification and serve them. 

The jobs 

There are more than 56k jobs on LinkedIn at any given point of time for CISSP certification. As an intern, you can earn $20 an hour with CISSP if you are interested in working as an Auditor; the span of your control increases as well as your salary. You earn an average of $88000 per annum. 

Further, in this article, we have outlined all types of jobs ranging on your degree of experience and expertise in Information security. We have listed some of the top-notch jobs with CISSP. These jobs are trending and are a catalyst in landing you in superior roles in future. The exposure in responsibilities you get with these roles is paramount.

Corporate Cyber Fraud Investigator

As a Cyber Fraud Investigator, you work on the investigation of fraudulent and suspicious incidents. You track the roots as well as the suspected employees involved in the fraud. You handle this with cyber forensic expertise and analytical skills. In many ways, you support the Cyber fraud investigation and work along with the appropriate groups and government agencies. 

Knowledge of DLP Platforms, Processing hardware, Veriato Investigator, FireEye HX, database checks, and making activity reports. However, this job is an intermediate job and can earn a salary of $90000 per annum. You need to have 3-5 years of experience in an internal investigation and handing multiple incidents occurring in the financial series companies. As far as education is concerned, you need to have a Bachelor’s or a Master’s in criminal justice or business administration and security management to cope up with the responsibilities of this job.

Cyber Security Analyst

This job role involves a high level of technical expertise and analytical capabilities in designing, developing and deploying a Security framework. You can write the security policies and see things that are aligned to the policies. To conduct scheduled recertification and ratification of system and data access throughout the organizations. 

You have to have strong IAM designing prowess, testing and identification power. Determining tactics and vulnerabilities of compliance issues for intrusion is important. Encryption methodologies, threat hunting, vulnerability management and security incident response is your core competency in this job role.

A Bachelor’s degree in CS with CISSP certification does justice to this job position.


A chief Information Security Officer makes the security Posture and processes of the organization. He is responsible for making security prevalent in legal, sales, and product teams. The job involves sensitive data manipulation, storage, and processing, maintaining a Cloud environment, subscription services. You have to be self-motivated, strong interpersonal skills, network security, and a deep understanding of security operations.

The salary you get in as a CISO is $89000 per annum. The ability to articulate complex issues in security assessment and contract review and negotiation experience.

IT- security Operations Threat Analyst

This job role requires you to show excellence in MS Active Directory Infrastructure, TCP, standard encryption technologies, Unix Problems, SIEM platforms et cetera. You have to create a team of security operation specialists and guide them. In this job, you can draw $115000.

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