by Alan Roody

The lockdown, social distancing and masks are still a reality in many parts of the world, but events are still happening. In times like these, local events offer an avenue for people to relax and have some fun, despite the dire situation. Local neighbourhood events are effortless to plan, especially if people can hire a quality commercial digital printing agency. This agency provides all the decor and merchandise items for an event, allowing people to take or purchase souvenirs. People from the same neighbourhood can pool in their resources and host events or exhibitions while still following the social distancing rules of the locality.


Depending on the theme of the event, several factors go into making an event. But a local event includes planning for the following,


The first factor to consider is the budget; budgets determine all other aspects of the event. People should meet and discuss the budget and have an estimate ready before moving on. Different events require different budgets, based on the features that they will include. For example, a musical event will cost more than a regular food party. Musical events require audio equipment hire like speakers, microphones, mixers, etc., which can cost a lot. Event planners should have a basic idea of what activities or elements they want to include and then adjust the budget accordingly or vice-versa.

Roles and Responsibilities

Conducting events is not a small task and requires the contribution of several people to be successful. The pre-planning meeting is the most appropriate time to split roles and responsibilities amongst planning members. One efficient way to divide responsibilities would be to find what each person can contribute to the event. For example, if one of the members knows excellent caterers, they can hire catering for the event. While it may not be possible for every member to make a specific contribution, they can each take a role that suits their abilities best.


The most significant factor is the event’s venue, as it has to house all attendees while allowing for social distancing. Open-air venues are a better idea during this time, and it also helps cut costs of having to rent an auditorium. Open-air venues offer another advantage in terms of decoration, as it is easier to decorate open venues with banners and standees or other decorations. The open space and the surroundings add to the ambience and require less decor. But indoor spaces with little decor will look bland with vast expanses of blank walls. Another feature to consider regarding space is its viability, and this depends on the theme of the event. For example, neighbourhoods hosting a sporting event will require a venue with the necessary equipment.


Every event is incomplete without decoration; the decor proclaims the event’s theme and sets the vibe. There are several items people can use to decorate a venue, ranging from lights to posters to banners and more. Event planners usually take the help of a commercial digital printing agency to customise event decor. These agencies can print graphics, images and text on any item, ranging from mugs and coasters to t-shirts and cloth banners. Event planners can design a logo or graphic to represent the event and get these agencies to print them on merchandise. Digital printing doesn’t cost much when done in bulk, like 50 to 100 pieces or more, although it does depend on the merchandise. Bags, paper covers, t-shirts, etc., are more cost-effective options for event merchandise and reproduce the design well. Additionally, planners can also use these agencies to print banners, posters, stall decor, etc., for decor purposes. 

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