by Alan Roody

A deck in a beach house is probably its best feature, and people tend to pay extra attention to decorating their deck spaces. The commercial furniture industry has a separate range of designer outdoor furniture. These furniture pieces are the creamy layer of the industry, and they exude class and luxury. 

Outdoor furniture decor includes elements like lounge chairs, high tables, benches, etc. Like most consumer products, even deck decor has its trends, and they change often. There are different themes in deck decor ranging from minimalism to art deco themes and mid-century modern. 


Deck decor includes furniture, lighting, flooring, and other elements like plants, pots, canopies, stairs, etc.

The Deck with Stairs

Having a line of stairs leading to the deck is an excellent opportunity to use stair lights. These lights are functional and decorative; they light up the path during the dark and bring a warm aesthetic to the deck. Stair lights come in various designs, from small circular lights to long bar lights. The bar-shaped lights can go under the step for a unique effect. People can also opt to get colour-changing lights for a party effect.

The Deck with Sections

Depending on the size of the deck area, people can choose to divide their deck into sections. Each section could house a specific unit; for example, a hot tub in one section and a garden in another. Divided decks provide a unique opportunity for flooring ideas, as people can choose to use dynamic tiles or panels for each division, forming an overall pattern. 

A vast deck space also allows for unique shaping ideas, as people can opt for circular or hexagon-shaped decks. These shapes allow for efficient division of sections, offering people more options for decor ideas.

The Deck with A Pool or A Hot Tub

People usually add a pool in their decks if there is enough space, or they extend the deck floors towards the swimming pool, increasing deck space. A pool or a hot tub is an excellent addition to a house deck and opens up more opportunities for lighting decor. Lights around a pool reflect on the water and create interesting effects on the deck, and people can experiment with the tone and colour of the lights.

Decks with Gardens

A popular theme for garden decks is the Zen garden. Beach house decks are usually facing the sea in beach houses, and with the plants in the surrounding, the effect can be calming. People can also include a fountain or a waterfall instalment to complement the garden and add to the calming effect. 

Another decor option with garden decks is the planting pots; plant pots in all sizes come in various designs, and people can choose the ones that suit their deck aesthetic. Designer outdoor furniture, like loungers, stools, high tables, and more, in white or other light colours will contrast aesthetically with the garden plants.

Decks with Roofing

When it comes to roofing a deck, people have a vast amount of options, ranging from canopies to roofs with slats. Decks with roofs are also ideal for string lights that set the right vibe for small parties and events. Deck roofs also allow for hanging decor like plant pots, wind chimes, or to represent the sea theme, a shell art piece. 

Some people opt to go for a more simple vibe and add a thatched roof to their decks. Thatch roofs provide optimum shade during the heat and rain. Thatch roofs also bring a yellow aesthetic to the deck, and people can use decor ornaments of contrasting colours to change the colour aesthetic.

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