What is the importance of safety signs?

by Alan Roody

Safety signs are found everywhere. They are used to guide and caution people. They are used on roads, construction sites, educational institutions, restaurants, offices etc. There are a lot of types of safety signs that are available. 

Safety signs usually have certain symbols and wording written on them. The logos and wordings are registered in a bold format with bright colours to be viewed from a far distance. One can get their hands on different safety signs in Australia. The safety standard for signs in Australia is AS 1319:1994. This standard for warning signs lays down the guidelines and requirements to design various safety signs. 

One can choose to customize their safety signs for their firm or any other setting. However, one must purchase good-quality safety signs that are durable and will last for a long time. Customized alerts can be used for a personal business firm or any other setting. 

Every sign indicates and has a different meaning. Each color conveys an important message for the safety of people. Safety signs play a crucial role in saving people’s lives. It is a legal action to have safety signs wherever necessary. If one is getting safety signs in Australia, one must follow all the set safety standards. There are many stores in Australia that manufacture safety signs that are made of suitable quality materials and are available at affordable prices.

What are the various categories of signs?

One can find five main types of safety signs. These categories are further divided into multiple signs that are placed in different places. The categories are divided based on the surroundings and the environment. Safety signs in Australia are given significant importance. The important types of signs are

  • Warning signs: these signs are found in places to alert people about hazards. One can usually see them on accident-prone roads etc. The colours that are used to make these signs are yellow and black.
  • Prohibition signs: These safety signs prevent one from performing a task. The tasks can include parking, drinking or smoking. They usually have the phrase “do not” on the boards for clear instructions. 
  • Mandatory signs: Safety signs that guide one to perform an act in a setting are mandatory signs. They are widely used to instruct people. They are usually blue and white with instructions written on them.
  • Safe condition signs: the signs that signify emergency exits or escape paths are safe condition signs. They are highly beneficial. One can notice these signs in stores, houses, schools, malls etc. They are made of durable materials as they must last for a long time. 

What are the benefits of safety signs?

There are a lot of benefits of using safety signs in various settings. However, the benefits of these signs differ in every place. 

  • One can prevent accidents by looking at the safety signs. For example, one can see a speed limit safety sign on the road that will guide and caution one. 
  • A beneficial aspect of purchasing safety signs is that one does not run out of options. One can choose different arrow signs, directions and other symbols on the signs. 
  • Safety signs are available at different prices but are priced reasonably. 
  • One can find safety signs that are made of bright colours and good quality materials in different stores. 
  • Safety signs are available in various forms. One can choose to buy stickers, boards etc., that suits their convenience and workspace. 

One must follow the signs to be safe and protect themselves from hazards. One must never violate the rules and regulations that are set in a particular place.

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