How to select the best meat grinder?

by Sudarsan
the best meat grinder

The butcher shop consists of a series of equipment that is essential to assist in the production, preparation, and sale of products in this sector. Choosing the best meat grinder machine for your store is ensuring excellent results and, above all, preventing problems from happening. Thus, in this text, we will explain how to choose a meat grinder.

Among the people who produce artisanal sausages, some prefer to prepare meat at the tip of the knife, and those who choose to use a good meat grinder to make sausage. Both methods, of course, are capable of guaranteeing great products.

The butcher meat grinder

As its name defines, the equipment is responsible for the production of ground meat. This means that it grinds large pieces of meat, transforming them into small quantities.

This equipment is one of the main ones in the butcher shop since ground beef is one of the biggest responsible for sales. It is essential to understand and evaluate some characteristics that define the quality and capacity of the equipment.
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Here’s what should be analyzed:

1. The meat grinder for butchery can be electronic or manual

On the market, it is possible to find stuff that has two types of protection: electronic and mechanical.

When we talk about protection, it is essential to highlight NR12. NR12 is the standard that controls the security of this type of equipment and checks whether it offers security to users. Thus, it is impossible to think of a machine of this size that does not have the mechanisms that are mandatory for safety. So, first of all, both electronic meat grinders and mechanics must follow NR12 standards.

Electronic models are the most used by large networks and are better accepted by inspectors and by almost all the rules of Brazilian states. This equipment has a protection system based on locking sensors; these mechanisms are prepared to close the operation when the machine is misused.

On the other hand, the Best electric meat grinder for mechanical butchers is the most suitable for the type of raw material (meat) and has a more affordable price. The protection of this equipment works according to its parts, the production of the machine is made with measures that prevent members of human beings from having access to critical components of machinery, such as the engine. Thus, accidents are avoided by reducing the space at the entrance of products.

2. Parts are essential for proper functioning

there are grinders built with two types of materials: partial stainless and total stainless. Stainless steel is the cheapest equipment; this type of content is more susceptible to the action of time; that is, it is more likely to suffer from rust. On the other hand, the total stainless steel provides a safer investment for the retailer, as it is a more durable material with better finishes.

The main component of a meat grinder for butchers is the engine. When choosing a piece of equipment for your store, you must look carefully at the quality of this piece. Generators that have no guarantee of operation and that are not recognized in the market tend to present defects quickly and allow the meat to be milled.

Also, it is necessary to certify that original spare parts are available, to research the authorized service locations, and the ease of finding repairs. They are keeping you from making a significant investment and keeping the machine in your storage.


Finally, the retailer must understand the needs of his store. Choose the product according to the store’s demand and the movement that is presented in your store’s butcher shop. Supermarkets that have a lot of movement and look for meat must have more modern equipment and be prepared to receive a lot of action.

Butchery equipment must be chosen very carefully and with great professionalism. Having the help of a qualified and prepared company to guide the retailer guarantees the right choice.
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It also ensures compliance with NR12 and, even more importantly, prevents the company from suffering fines and fines and accidents on its premises.

Following these guidelines is an excellent way to be more sure when choosing a meat grinder for online butcher. stay connected for more tips and tricks.

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