How to build a house according to Vastu

by Sudarsan

This Vastu science is mainly based on a simple concept which is to invite positive forces in life and to get rid of all the negative energies around. It is always believed that each and every house has its own energy type. When a person starts living in a house then it comes under the influence of specific energy which influences them in some way or the other.

If one depends on Vastu astrology in Gurgaon, then there are a few tips that one has to start the following:

  • If one is going to check a new house then they must check for a house that does not has a door that faces the southwest because it is considered to be the entry route of the devil energy. It will be if one already lives in a house that has a door facing this direction then one can fix 2 Hanumana tiles outside the door to prevent the flow of negative energies.
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  • The southeast corner of the house is the most ideal place for the kitchen because all the cooking is supposed to be done while facing the east.
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    But one must keep a thing in mind that the kitchen should not be located directly to the main door of the house.
  • If it is possible (like if it is a standalone house with enough space) then one can try to dig a well in the northeast corner of the house. From there one can use the groundwater because it can bring luck to the people staying in the house. But one has to make sure that there is no well in the southwest corner.
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    This can bring a lot of negative energy in the house.
  • There are some people who might think that they should not build their houses under the shadow of a tree. But this is not a very bad thing to do. One can plant trees almost in every direction of the house after building it but just make sure that they must not block the flow of air and light into the house.
  • The toilets are to be located in the North West direction of the house. If this is absolutely not possible then one can build it in the southeast direction as well. The kitchen and the toilet should not be adjacent to each other.
  • If possible when decorating the house, one can place a small lamp at the center of the hallway or a flower vase so that it can be a good source of energy in the room. once the hall has limited space then one can use fixtures, hangings, or decorative mirrors on the wall.
  • If one can place a Buddha facing the front door then it can keep all the negative energies out of the house. They have the power to nullify the negative impacts of the house.

There are good Vastu consultants online in Gurgaon whom one can check on before taking any concrete decision.

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