by Sudarsan

Millions of people around the world are suffering from mental disorders these days. One of the most common mental disorders that affect numerous people around the world is depression.

It starts with some very basic symptoms but is a deadly mental condition which can also require ECT treatment in some cases, after consulting a specialist in ECT psychiatry.

Depression, like other mental disorders, is not something to be taken lightly. It requires one to ask for medical help and professional attention immediately if one begins to experience any symptoms of the same.

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Depression may affect people even at a young age. Some symptoms are very basic while some are very specific. Some people tend to confuse depression with unhappiness or sadness. Being happy all the time is not the sign of a healthy human, everyone struggles with bad and good times in their lives.

A healthy mind can cope with them with a little struggle and support, but depression is basically when the mind does not want to recover. There is more to depression than just feeling not happy.

Following are some symptoms that the body and the patient’s moods may show apart from the general feeling of sadness and hopelessness.

  • SLEEP: probably one of the earliest signs of depression is the loss of sleep and changes in the sleep cycle. Many patients of depression tend to find it difficult to fall asleep and suffer from insomnia. Some patients tend to sleep longer than usual on certain days, not feeling like getting out of bed.
  • WEIGHT:  gaining or losing weight abruptly and frequent fluctuations in the body weight is also one early sign of depression. Some people lose weight while some gain the same.

Some people also claim to feel the uncontrollable need to eat more than they used to. People may experience a change in appetite.

  • LOSS OF INTEREST: another early sign of depression is the loss of interest in hobbies, work, or even regular day to day activities. People claim to feel drained of the energy to even do small tasks. People may also start to cut off from family and friends.
  • EMOTIONAL OUTBURSTS AND MOOD SWINGS: some people suffering from depression may feel sudden changes in their emotions at times. Some people become very irritable. Feeling hopeless is another trait of suffering from depression.

Sometimes, people may even have recurring thoughts about committing suicide. One must call emergency helpline numbers immediately or talk to someone about these thoughts.


If one starts to experience any of the symptoms of depression or more than one, it is imperative that they talk to someone about it. Depression can make a person lose all hope but even though it may seem extremely difficult to cope, recovery is very much possible.

Here are some steps to take if one is struggling with depression:

  • SEE A THERAPIST: sometimes, talking to a friend or family member regarding some personal struggles is very difficult. Talking to a professional in such cases can make a huge difference. One can opt for therapy in which counselors can try to talk and help them through a difficult time.

Even though therapy is time taking and a little expensive, it has proven to be very beneficial in even extreme cases of depression. These days, there are various therapists and organizations that offer therapy at a low cost for young people too.

  • SEE A PSYCHIATRIST: in some cases, therapy alone may not be very helpful. Although it is a great starting point, sometimes, a patient may need medications or ECT treatment to deal with depression. This only happens in extreme cases. Most cases can be treated with regular therapy and a change in lifestyle.
  • PHYSICAL ACTIVITY: in most cases of depression, changes in lifestyle and regular therapy has proven to be extremely beneficial. Even though it may seem like a small thing but indulging in sports, physical activities like running, swimming, or even going to a gym to burn some carbs can be a great help.

More than the change itself, the intention to recover is something valuable when one is suffering from depression.

  • YOGA AND MEDITATION: apart from numerous other benefits, doing yoga and practicing meditation can also prevent and in some cases cure depression. Yoga enables one to practice basic postures that can alter the way a human mind functions.

This can treat mental disorders and work towards the overall wellbeing of an individual. Meditation can be helpful in relieving anxiety that is one of the most common triggers of depression.

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