Orijinal- The Nail Trends to Look Out for in 2022

by Sudarsan

Nails are an essential part of the body, especially for women. Whether at home or the salon, doing nail care makes everyone feel comfortable. Having beautiful and well-groomed nails will increase your self-confidence. Nail care shouldn’t be seen as a luxury. It’s crucial for hand health. We use our hands every day. Activities can lead to fungal or bacterial infections in the nail folds. Ignoring nail care will cause serious health problems.

You may be a person who takes care of nails at home or at a salon regularly. Did you know that the majority of nail polish contains harmful ingredients? For this reason, brand ORIJINAL comes.

ORIJINAL Brings Us  Back to Nature

Orijinal means authentic. This brand departs from the concerns of Cheryl Gava. She found the nail polish on the market contains harmful chemicals. With her experience and educational background in chemistry, Cheryl created an eco-friendly brand and safe to use in 2019. Orijinal has included an additional base, so users don’t need to use the base and varnish separately. All Orijinal products use the 2 in 1 concept without harmful components.

The nail polish offered has 74% ingredients of natural origin. All materials used are patented. Its composition can strengthen, smooth, and hydrate nails. Orijinal combines nail health and planetary health. Users can return to send empty bottles to be used again by the Orijinal.

Orijinal Social Awareness (Corporate Social Responsibility)

Orijinal gives 1% of its turnover to the Belle & Bien Association. The Belle & Bien association accommodates people suffering from diseases caused by aesthetic treatments. This association has a vision; increase patient confidence. It provides educational workshops that allow patients to care for themselves. At the end of the workshop, kits containing cosmetic products and care guides are provided free of charge for home use.

Characteristics of ORIJINAL Products

1.   Inspired by Fruits

The product’s fruity-inspired colors, whether bold or soft, suit any fashion look. The benefits of this fruit will provide hydration, protection, and nutrition for nails. The colors vary. You can choose a red dye from pomegranate to pitaya or mango yellow-orange. Users can choose the color according to taste.

2.   Using Organic Components

The organic components in well-known nail cars usually use products derived from animals. Orijinal does not use any ingredients from animals. It confirms that Orijinal is a vegan nail polish and is 100% made in France.

3.   Using Safe Natural Extracts

Orijinal Brand chooses the best quality fruits. It is full of antioxidants and vitamins that ensure healthy nails. The majority of products consist of 74% natural extracts. There are synthetic ones, but they are still within safe limits.

Product Variants

1.   Nail Polish

Nail polish from the Orijinal brand has mango varnish, pitaya varnish, and pomegranate varnish variants. Orijinal nail polish provides protection, is easy to apply, doesn’t dry too fast or long, and can even last up to 5 days. You need to apply two coats of nail polish with or without a base. This nail polish contains patented active ingredients and natural ingredients.

2.   Perfector

Besides nail polish, Orijinal also launches a perfector product called Fleur De Cerisier. This product can disguise minor defects and is transparent. The light pink color and care ingredients give softness to the nails. In essence, this product is a natural and effective manicure for beautiful and strong nails. Fleur De Cerisier is perfect for a manicure.


Does the eco nail polish dry quickly?

-Indeed, the green varnish dries in the open air and that without formaldehyde. Apply thin coats for ultra-fast drying (less than 60 seconds).

What budget should I plan for an eco-friendly nail polish?

-The price of varnishes depends on the brand and their quality. Orijinal offers natural varnishes packaged in recyclable bottles at affordable prices. 

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