Pros and cons of working as a game tester

by Sudarsan

What exactly are game testers?

Professionals in this field do extensive testing of the game across various platforms and devices to ensure that it is free of bugs and flaws. They’re also known as “beta testers” or “game testers.”

Their primary goal is to end the game. Testers intentionally walk through the video game, going through all of the stages and pressing all of the buttons in order to find the game’s faults. A problem occurs when the player becomes stuck or when the animation fails to function properly. The published games, on the other hand, are moving closer to perfection with the aid of beta testers. When a bug is discovered, the tester should report it to the developer. The tester should send a bug report to the developers with alternatives for addressing the problem after discovering it. If you need a professional tester and do not want to waste time on recruiting competent personnel, then there is a reason to turn to the game testing company.

Is it easy to become a tester

The answer depends on preparation, previous experience, and what needs to be learned. It is necessary to study. You yourself know that it is not so easy to study and delve into a new and complex topic. The work of a tester is suitable for attentive and even scrupulous people. Imagine that you need to test a simple pencil. What will you do? How do I test? Throw it up or try to break it, or maybe check if he writes? In some companies, pencil testing is one of the questions when applying for a job. The solution to this humorous task shows interest in testing and understanding its basic processes.

They come to testing in different ways. Often, students who study programming or systems engineering start working in large projects exactly as testers. When they graduate, they are already very passionate about testing and can stay in their positions. People from other professions come to testing. For various reasons, a person changes his profession: there are no development prospects or no interest in work. Software testing combines humanitarian and technical knowledge, and the IT sphere itself is developing quite rapidly and is quite attractive for work.

Game Tester Requirements

To become a part of the game industry, you need to have certain skills and abilities. Playing video games well is a foundational skill. This is necessary in order to anticipate errors and understand the new functionality that could cause a bug.

The ability to be concise and clear is also important, which helps testers to clearly describe the glitches they find. A well-written report will allow developers to understand how to solve the problem.

A good tester must understand what and how the application under test is written on. Therefore, you need to know about the programming languagesĀ  Java and Python – they are the leaders among the mobile game developers of web applications.

It is important to have knowledge of databases to test games. Some of the most famous databases are Oracle and MySql.

A real tester should be a bit of a detective: look at things critically, be attentive to details, look for weaknesses and analyze what is happening.

A good beta tester knows how to work in a team and find common ground with different people. This helps to receive the necessary information from colleagues and convey the importance of a particular problem. Knowing how to meet deadlines is also a big benefit.

Pros and cons of working as a game tester

Pros and cons

The Pros  include:

  • The ability to work remotely. Many people consider this to be one of the main reasons for choosing this career. This advantage allows you to work both in an IT company and as a freelancer.
  • The opportunity to play fresh video games before other users – an attractive opportunity for gamers. Testers have a chance to see the game long before it launches. This will be a great privilege for ardent game lovers.
  • Many become game testers to enter the IT field. The experience gained can help you grow as a specialist and take a high-paying position in the future. This area is one of the most suitable for starting a career in IT, because even a beginner can do the training. At the same time, you can gain knowledge and practical skills in the field of software and game development.
  • Llike the game industry, the profession of a game tester is young and promising, just gaining momentum in the labor market.

Let’s move on to the cons:

  • For quality testing of the game, it is necessary to complete its part many times. In order to repeat the same action, you need to have patience, attention and concentration.
  • The tester does not select the game. Often an employee needs to test the part of the game that he doesn’t like. This is an ordinary case in this profession.
  • Most of the testers are freelancers. Therefore, you still need to worry about organizational issues: finding orders, paying taxes, communicating with the employer.

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