Promo Video Editor Review: Basic vs. Standard vs. Pro

by Sudarsan

Getting a good online video editor is very important. This is at least if you want to create amazing videos for your audience. Promo is the number one video production platform that you can find online. It’s great for businesses, agencies, companies, and even individuals. Basically, anyone with an internet connection can use the Promo online video editor tool.

Now, the real question is what package you’ll choose while using this video editor tool. Is it the basic, standard, or pro package? With each of these packages, you get distinct services and features that you can use in your video editing process. You can promote anything you want effectively by using any of these packages. But you still have to understand how each one of them works. This will even help you to choose the right package that you can use for your videos.

The Basic Promo Online Video Editor Package

With this basic package, you have over 4000 templates that you can use to create videos for your personal or business use. You also get an unlimited number of video downloads and no watermark on your videos. The only catch is that you have 36 premium assets every year.

We will summarize some of the features that you also get under the basic online video editor package. Here they are:

Basic Features 

  • Get the promo mobile app so that you can make work easier when editing and downloading files.
  • Need a collage maker online? Then here’s your chance of getting one right from the Promo tool.
  • An easy-to-use online video editor. You don’t need any video editing skills to use this tool.
  • A lifetime license.
  • Get to use the videos you create anywhere, even for business and advertisements with commercial usage rights.
  • Publish your content directly to social media after creating them.
  • You can use multiple aspect ratios if you wish.
  • Download the files in different formats including MP4, JPG, and GIF.
  • Get animated text styles that you can use to improve the appearance of your video.
  • There are Full HD videos that you can use for marketing and professional social media accounts. You don’t have to worry about the quality when you’re using the Promo online video editor.
  • Under the basic package, you can only use the system fonts.
  • Do you have a company or brand logo that you want to use in your videos? Then here’s a chance to do it with the Promo online video editor.
  • Get to use a fully licensed audio library. Want to add music to your creations? Then why not use the tracks that are already licensed for you. No stress about seeking permission and paying huge licensing fees for music on your social media videos.
  • You can even upload your personal content if you deem it fit enough.

Standard Promo Online Video Editor Package

The second package you can subscribe for is the standard one. Here, instead of just 36 premium assets, you get an unlimited number of assets. Plus, you enjoy over 4000 ready-made templates that you can use to make amazing videos for your brand or business. With the standard package, you can also enjoy unlimited downloads. You get all of the features that are in the basic package, in addition to the following:

Standard Features 

  • Upload custom fonts if you wish to. You don’t have to depend on the ones present on the site only.
  • Get to use your personalized watermark on the videos. Are you an established business, company, or brand? Then you can take advantage of watermarks to show your clients who you exactly are. They’ll identify you better and quicker when you have a watermark in place.
  • With the standard package, you can only use one brand per account. So you might want to consider this while purchasing the packages.
  • In the basic package, you only get ordinary templates, which are still great anyway. However, with the standard package, you gain access to trending templates as well.
  • Get to use a social media calendar on the standard package.

The Pro Package

Lastly, you can use the pro package, which is more costly, but worth the amount. You get all of the features that are present in the other two packages above. But that’s not it. You also get the following additional features befitting of a pro package owner:

Pro Features 

  • Use up to ten brands under one account. So, are you a professional video editor working for different clients and companies? This is particularly great for you to multitask and work on different projects at the same time.
  • Get reseller rights under the pro package. Once you create your video and download it, you can now get to resell it if you wish. But that’s only if you’re in the pro package.
  • You also get white label sharing under the pro package.

Final Thoughts

So, we believe you now have a clearer picture of what to expect from the Promo online video editor. You can now make a decision whether to use the basic, standard, or pro package for your editing and video creation needs. You can also try Promo out for free.

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