Qualities of a good security Guard

by Sudarsan
security Guard

From armed robbery, shoplifting to even other cases like drunken brawls, security remains at the core of any business.  Manned guarding helps in ensuring that businesses run smoothly without incidences. With a perfect security system in your business, the employees will enjoy a safe environment and you can expect efficiency and high productivity. Your customers as well feel secure while doing shopping with you and are likely to spend more time on your premises and keep coming.

Not every security guard is perfect for you, and that’s why you have to be careful when choosing one. Continue reading and find out qualities that you need to look out for when hiring a security guard

Check out their training

A college degree though a requirement is not enough. A security guard must have gone through some security guard training. The training gives them a better understanding of dealing with security matters and assurance that the guy won’t be a liability to your business. In the training, they handle different subjects like search and seizures, emergency procedures, the power to arrest, and such important matters. Here, you need to get someone who has in-depth training in more sophisticated crimes like terrorism, firearm usage, and crowd safety.

Clear criminal record

As part of the requirements, demand to know whether the security guard is licensed or has a guard card. Before obtaining the license, the officer must have gone through fingerprinting and pass through a criminal background check. This will help you keep off criminals who may be masquerading as security guards.

Work experience

You don’t need a guard who will use your business premises as the training ground. That is why you must find out the experience they have. Do they have any experience in law enforcement of the military? With such experience, you know they have the skills in the use of firearms. The ideal candidate should also know about making observations and filing reports.

Physically fit

Working as a security guard is not an office job, it involves a lot of walking, standing, and where need be-running.  Sometimes, the guard will be required to restrain an individual from entering the premises and this means that they’ve to be physically fit. Thus the candidate must undergo some medical examination to ascertain that they’re fit for the job.


Matters security is critical and requires someone who can tell the truth as it is. You will know an honest individual during the interview- ask them questions on a variety of questions including irrelevant subjects. An honest person will answer what they know and they will be ready to tell you what they don’t. Having an honest person doing manned guarding in your business will ensure no lapses.

Get an excellent communicator

For maximum security, there is a need for efficient communication; you need a guard who knows where to report, how to package information and one who can manage information. Timely communication will protect the business from incidences of insecurity and ensure a smooth flow of affairs. That is why the guard must have perfect communication skills.

Manned guarding is the perfect way to ensure that your business, employees, customers, and other visitors are secure. Thus, you must get a security guard from a company that has been in the security business for years and whose guards have the best training and experience.

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