8-month baby food recipes Indian Every Mother should know

by Sudarsan

Cooking baby food for an 8-month-old baby isn’t a cakewalk for most mothers. It is good to introduce the baby to a variety of tastes. But, a mother will be concerned about what to feed and what not to feed. The mother will be concerned about the intake of the baby and the nutritional content of the food. In urban India, most mothers carry the burden of caring for the baby all alone. Most mothers do not have the help of elders at home. Here are a few quick and easy recipes that will make an 8-month-old baby fall in love with the food.

Here Are Some Baby Food Ideas:

1. Fruit smoothies

Fruits are rich in vitamins. They make the baby grow strong. Babies love the taste of the fruits. Fruit smoothies can be prepared using apple and banana for an 8-month-old baby. If the baby is formula-fed, formula milk can be added to the ground mixture of fruits. It is very simple to steam the apples and grind them in a mixture and feed the baby. Apples and bananas as can be put together if the baby loves it. It is not advisable to add sugar, but if the mother wishes a little amount can be added.

2. Dal rice

Dal rice is the simplest and traditional food which had been served to babies for generations. It is the simplest recipe and it is rich in proteins. The rice, dal and water content must be mixed right according to the capacity of the cooker. 1 cup of dal and 1 cup of rice with at least 5 cups of water will be the right consistency is most cases. The rice shouldn’t be so dry, because the baby cannot swallow it.

3. Veg soup

Veg soups are good appetizers. Salt and pepper aren’t required as it may turn to be spicy for an 8-month-old baby. You should steam and filter out Vegetables. The watery content of the vegetables will be a good source of vitamins and minerals. Three to five spoons of soups before a meal are more than enough for an 8-month baby.

4. Juices

Babies cannot take the fruits in solid form, but they require vitamins and minerals. Oranges are rich in vitamin C, and they are essential to boost immunity.
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You can squeeze the orange in the boiled water and fed it to the baby.

5. Veg rice

Vegetables like potatoes, carrots, and tomatoes can be steamed well and added to a cup of rice. The rice shouldn’t be dry. So, 5 cups of water must be added and the cookers must be in low flame for 5 minutes after the 4 whistles.

One need not worry about the quantity of food eaten but the nutritional content of the food.8 months is the time when the baby starts enjoying solid food. So, let them enjoy yummy food and let them find their favorite food. I hope these recipes will be loved by the baby and the baby gets strong and healthy.

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