Secured Personal Loan: What is it and How to Use it for Your Advantage

by Sudarsan

There are plenty of valid reasons why people apply for personal loans. Some use it to consolidate expensive credit card balances or finance major events and recreational getaways. Others take out loans for emergency purposes like hospitalization or unexpected home repairs.

You need to determine which loan type can give you the most value if you have to apply for a loan. Options like secured and unsecured personal loans are often available for different purposes. For example, a Secured Personal Loan allows you to borrow larger amounts with lower interest rates. If you are unsure if a secured personal loan is the best type for your needs, these advantages will help you gauge if this is the right one.

What are Secured Personal Loans?

Secured loans work by providing collateral from lenders. It can be anything from a real estate property, a vehicle, or bonds. When you submit your property, the lender will hold the ownership rights for the asset until you repay the loan.
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It means you will lose the right to the property if you fail to pay up your debt.

In addition, secured personal loans are applied by individuals with low credit scores. It will allow them to qualify for personal loans by presenting an asset to the lender to serve as the lien.

Why Apply for Secured Personal Loans?

One of the most common reasons people take out secured loans is to repair or renovate the house. If you plan to update your kitchen, family room, or other parts of your property, you will add more value to your home. In addition, you may take advantage of these changes if you plan to sell your property in the future.

Other potential reasons why you must consider applying for secured personal loans include:

  • Consolidating high credit card balances – If you have high balances on several credit cards, you are required to pay an exorbitant interest rate. Aside from causing you to spend a huge chunk of money on interest payments, it will also significantly affect your credit score. Taking advantage of personal loans to pay your credit card bills is called debt consolidation. It will allow you to simplify your accounts payable, reduce the interest charges, and boost your credit score.
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  • Personal events – If you are planning to hold a costly special occasion like a wedding or a funeral, you can use the money you will get from a personal loan to help you pay for the venue rentals, caterers, and other suppliers involved in the event.
  • Medical emergencies – Unexpected illnesses or accidents not covered by your insurance may incur a lot of expenses. If you need to pay for hospitalization or other treatments, you can apply for a personal loan to assist you with your medical bills.

Types of Collaterals to Use for Secured Personal Loans

If you want to ensure that you get larger amounts of money on your Secured Personal Loan, you can use these collaterals to convince the lenders to grant your loan.

  • Real estate property (including equity)
  • Cars or other vehicles
  • Investments
  • Valuables and other precious collectibles
  • Machinery and equipment
  • Cash accounts

Getting secured personal loans can help manage your expenses. You only need to find a reliable lender to grant your loan and give you the amount you need for your intended purpose. Most importantly, ensure that you will pay off your debt to avoid losing ownership of your collateral.

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