Surrogate Mother India: Is It Possible to Find a Surrogate There?

by Sudarsan

A large part of people who think of getting a child through surrogacy may face difficulties. For example, the inability to use a surrogate due to the legal prohibition of commercial surrogacy. They don’t give up a dream of becoming parents and opt for international surrogacy.
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Quite often, people who deserve to be parents can’t give birth to a baby due to female and male infertility. Gay and lesbian couples can’t do it by natural causes.

Using surrogates from India was rather popular, but after the government imposed a ban on commercial surrogacy, infertile and LGBT couples had to find another way to give childbirth. Fortunately, India isn’t the last country in the world, and there are many alternative locations. World Center of Baby is a medical agency that is the best assistant in your surrogacy journey. Visit this page to get acquainted with the best alternatives to surrogacy in India.

We know that most people are unaware of all aspects of finding a surrogate, and that’s okay. World Center of Baby is a full-service agency. We guide all clients throughout the entire process of cooperation.

What Is So Special About Your Clinic And What Benefits You Have?

Pregnancy is an amazing time for any woman, but not all women and men are meant to become mothers and dads. Our agency contacts women who’d already become moms and are ready to become egg donors or surrogate moms to make you feel maternal instinct. And even though you thought about surrogacy in India, you won’t be disappointed with the quality of services you get here.

Most clients ask us, “Is the would-be surrogate mom healthy?”, “Does she have children?” and we do not just answer, “Yes, she does.” We provide you all medical reports, have genetic diagnostics,  organize an interview with you and the surrogate mother to make sure both sides are satisfied with the terms of cooperation. We guarantee that any female you choose with our help is better than any other surrogate mother India can offer you. The care and support we provide make both surrogates and parents safe. knows that surrogacy cost India is another widespread reason infertile and same-sex couples think of having a surrogate mother there. However, when you prepare for this procedure, you must be ready that its cost is rather expensive: consider the insurance support for pregnancy and delivery. One of the reasons why clients consider us perfect agency is that we let them pay fees by installments and adjust the price to their financial capabilities.

If you read the reviews on our agency, you’ll see that clients state that the money they had to pay is not so big compared to the prices of other agencies. We never hide the total price and always tell how much the client should pay. World Center of Baby is an expert in commercial surrogacy, so if you want to become a mother or a dad, but can’t do it alone, contact us.

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