The Lesser-Known Health Benefits of Body Piercing

by Alan Roody

Sydney is the most exciting city to be in, whether for daytime adventures or after-dark activities. The New South Wales capital is a jungle, both literally and figuratively. It is a harbor city of skyscrapers and suburbs with strategic interjections of lush parks, golden beaches, and other natural wonders. It is the perfect place to test your tolerance for adventure.

If you have had your fill of nature and the city sights, one way to make things interesting is to look for the best body piercing studio in Sydney. These establishments offer a full range of piercing jewelry, from the most basic to the most high-end.

There are many reasons to get a body piercing. It can be a form of self-expression, a means to stay true to your culture, a reminder of an important life event, or a way to meet more intimate needs.

You may not know that body piercing can also give you a host of health benefits, the nature of which would depend on what body part you get pierced.

Ear Piercing Health Benefits

Ear-piercing is the most recognisable type of body piercing. It is widely accepted in offices, universities, and other public places. It is not considered strange and is seen as a normal way to adorn yourself. It has led to the production of a wide variety of ear piercing jewellery of virtually any style or design. These accessories can be found in a retail store or a body piercing studio in Sydney.

While ear-piercing has long been a common practice, its health benefits are far from being common knowledge. Very few people are aware that it leads to faster brain development. According to experts in acupressure therapy, the earlobes have nerves connected to the brain, which, when pierced at an early age, would yield better results.

Other health benefits include improved eyesight and hearing. It also reduces the chances of obesity by improving your digestive system. Research has even proven that ear piercing can alleviate some types of back pain.

Some experts also contend that the centre of the ear lobe is an important point that will vastly improve reproductive health when stimulated with a piercing. It promotes a healthy menstrual cycle among young women and helps sperm production among men.  

Benefits of Nipple Piercing

Over the past several years, nipple piercing has become increasingly popular among men and women. The primary reason for this rise in reputation is its growing acceptance for erotic stimulation and maintaining a youthful appearance. With the other body functions that stand to benefit from piercing this part of the body, its popularity would grow even more.

Health Benefits of Nose Piercing

Aside from ear piercing, nose piercing is a tradition that can be traced back to ancient times. It is often a symbol of transition to adulthood, especially among women. Nose piercing has similar health benefits to ear piercing. In alternative medicine, the piercing of the two body parts is a common way to treat various physical, mental, and emotional conditions. Additionally, a nose stud on the left side of the nose can help relieve intense pain, especially the type that comes with childbirth.

Added Motivation

If you are on the fence about visiting a body piercing studio in Sydney, keep in mind that it has a host of health benefits. Just make sure that you go to a licensed and reputable establishment that complies with the highest hygiene standards.

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