The Ultimate Guide on Finding TikTok Influencers

by Sudarsan

In the generation of social media, an influencer is a person that has authority on a specific platform or several. They can be called “trendsetters” or “tastemakers” depending on their number of followers who have a genuine interest in their account. If you consider the perspective of the market, the value of an influencer is highly dependent on their number of audiences or followers and the amount of feedback they receive per post.

Marketers realized that influencers with a massive fan base are capable of boosting the visibility of their services and products to specific demographics. Influencers also have extremely high standing on social media platforms. This helps them to create customer confidence in any services or products they choose to promote.

In short words, TikTok influencers are the trump card for your efforts regarding TikTok marketing. Now, without any further introduction, let’s jump to the steps of finding TikTok influences to collaborate.

Search Influencers Using Hashtags

Never ever neglect the importance of hashtags. Hashtags can help you to filter types of influencers when you’re searching for them. According to Later, most of the TikTok posts contain hashtags, which makes it one of the best search tools. If your brand or company is operating only under a specific niche, you will easily find TikTok influencers who have used hashtags that are relevant to the industry.

When you see a TikTok influencer using one particular hashtag, assume that their audiences engage with them actively. Once you found the perfect influencer relevant to your brand, approach them directly for collaboration.

Search Influencers by Location

TikTok has worldwide users. People all around the world are taking advantage of the creative opportunities provided by this social media platform. Additionally, they are engaging with funny, fresh, and unique content that is being posted on a regular basis.

The TikTok visual nature has established a language or perspective that is going beyond the geographical location. TikTok is full of content that can encourage the audiences to engage.

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Search Influencers by Country

If you are a marketer who sells services or products in a particular country, then you have to make sure that the influencers you’re choosing are based in the same country. Because it’s possible that most of their followers are from the same country as well.

For example, if you have a business that sells gaming consoles only to American citizens, then collaborating with a European influencer won’t be beneficial for you, as the influencer probably has more European followers than American.

Search Influencers Based On Their Engagement Rate

You will smell something fishy when you notice a TikTok influencer with thousands of audiences or followers but a significantly very low engagement rate on their content.

Sometimes, this calculation is doubtful. If you collaborate with a TikTok influencer with massive followers but a low engagement rate, then your effort might go in vain. A low engagement rate means very few people will notice your services or products. Hence, while searching for an influencer, your priority should be choosing an influencer with massive followers as well as a higher engagement rate.

Search TikTok Influencers by Topics

The working process of topics is similar to the hashtags. You can simply search for TikTok influences who are interested in specific topics such as gaming, marketing, or even cooking.

In fact, you can search for specific topics with the help of hashtags. However, hashtags cannot reflect the influencer’s passionate topics accurately. Hence, you must perform some extra research including checking their bio and profile. This is an important step you must take as you don’t want an irrelevant influencer to collaborate with you.


These are the most effective tips that can help you find appropriate influencers for your business or brand. As the competition has increased, capturing the attention of gen-z has become a lot harder than before. This is why the brands are using TikTok influencer marketing to promote their business. 

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