Things to consider when implementing Salesforce

by Sudarsan

If you have some experience in the CRM world, you’ll agree that Salesforce has taken the CRM industry by storm. The reason is, it plays so well with many other business systems. It provides thousands of application tools through its application exchange, and most importantly, it’s fun to use. Because of that fact alone, businesses are signing up for Salesforce in huge numbers.

However, you cannot just buy the software and expect it to transform your business- there’s the implementation process where you’ve training and adoption strategies in place.

Following are some intelligent considerations that will help you in implementing Salesforce

Be clear on your goals before you pay for Salesforce.

The average price per user per month for Salesforce is slightly above $100, and although it may seem costly, the benefits are enormous. Compared to other CRM’s, the cost is competitive but what most businesses fail to consider is the ROI they expect after spending such a tremendous amount. You’ve an array of features that Salesforce offers, and definitely, not every product is relevant for your business. 

You have to look at your business needs and only go that will help you get better returns. What is working for your competitor is not necessarily what you need- your Salesforce partner should help you find out what features will benefit your business.

The cleanliness of your data

Are you seeking to upgrade your existing Salesforce, or you’d like to integrate it with another system? Then cleanliness of your data should be a significant consideration. That means your spreadsheets, databases, and financials should be free of superfluous and irrelevant data. Why all that? Before you begin an integration or upgrade, the project leader should define how your old information could be expressed in the new system or a new data model. If you allow outdated or redundant information into your new system, then you can expect the functionality to be cumbersome.

Thus if your data is not clean, then you’d rather spend some more dollars to re-implement. The partner should walk you through the steps and ensure that your information is correctly implemented in the new Salesforce system.

Confirm that your users are trained

 Most of the time, business owners want to assume that the employees will be okay with a new system with minimal introduction or a few trained people. The fact is, you may have a great system like Salesforce, but if the users don’t understand the details and its benefits, you shouldn’t expect any reasonable ROI. Training should be done from the management to supervisors and downward in silos. Without adequate training, the users are pushed away, and you may realize you’re paying for a system that is not bringing any positive change to your organization. Spending some money on training will ensure all users are comfortable with the system and can utilize it to increase their productivity and enhance customer retention.

Reputable Salesforce consulting companies pa should help you bring to the fore and address pertinent issues for a smooth implementation of the system. Ensure you’ve every user trained and ready to use the new approach to improve their productivity and customer retention. Implementing your business structure may cost you some dollars, but that can’t be compared with the ROI you get from a correctly executed and working system.

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