This Is How to Find Clearance Items at Walmart

by Sudarsan

Though early indicators suggest a rebound within the next year as the U.S. economy added 49,000 jobs in January 2021, that rebound is too slow for so many Americans.

While bargain shopping is an important part of life no matter the prevailing economic conditions, it’s likely you’re more in need of a bargain now than ever before.

Did you know there are bargains to be found every day at your local Walmart, in-store and online? Some of these items receive severe markdowns. Finding them means more money in your wallet.

Read on to learn how to find clearance items at Walmart and save money shopping.

Do Some Reconnaissance

Walmart is a giant corporate chain of department stores, and chains like their locations to have some uniformity. That doesn’t mean every store is identical, especially when it comes to shopping at Walmart.

Some Walmart locations have a dedicated clearance aisle, while others keep discount bins at various locations throughout the store. Often, Walmart stores incorporate marked-down items within their regular aisles.

So the next time you head to your local Walmart for groceries or other important home items, look for where the deals are.

Learn the System

There’s a rhythm for how to save at Walmart, and it’s because of the clearance system they use. Have you noticed there are some days where there are many deals and then others where you don’t see any?

It all has to do with the Walmart markdown system. Here’s how it works.

Walmart marks down all its designated in-store clearance items around the first of the month, usually within the first five days. It’s during those initial days of the month when you’ll find the best clearance inventory.

Hunt the Bakery and Produce Sections

When learning how to save at Walmart, you have to learn how to look for discount food items. Walmart offers deep discounts on day-old bakery items and produce.

These discounts are not always easy to find, so here’s how to get them.

If you plan on a day of Walmart shopping, make sure to get there early. Your best chance to find deals on baked goods, produce, meat, and other perishables are in the morning.

You’re not the only bargain hunter out there, so if you shop in the afternoon, there’s a good chance all the discounts are gone.

Get the App

Our smartphones do so many wonderful things for our lives. Why shouldn’t they help us save money? One of the best Walmart tips is to use the app.

When you download and shop through the app, you receive important discount alerts. The app also keeps you updated on the latest in-store and online promotions that save you serious cash.

Search for Hidden Clearance

Now that you know how to strategize your Walmart shopping excursions to save money, it’s time to explore an important lifehack guaranteed to save you money.

Did you know about the hidden clearance Walmart offers? These are items Walmart wants to shed from its inventory and fast.

The thing about these clearance items is that Walmart doesn’t advertise them, so finding them and reaping the discount rewards takes a little work. Here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Find a Dedicated Social Media Group

Social media groups, accounts, and hashtags dedicated to Walmart’s hidden clearance exist. Websites, too. The first step to finding these hidden sale items is to join one of these groups.

2. SKU

The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) number is key to receiving this discount. Many discount group members post the SKU along with the sale item, but you won’t always see it posted.

To find the SKU of any clearance item, search Walmart’s website for the exact item. Once you find the item, the SKU will be found on the website. It’s the last eight numbers.

3. Check Inventory

When you search your Walmart for one of these discounted items, do so by using the online ordering process. The best way to see if an item is stocked within a local store is to select “in-store pickup today.”

If a local Walmart stocks the item, it should be available for same-day pickup.

4. Verify In-Store Price

The process of hidden clearance hinges on the in-store price. Walmart sets its prices as a company, but store managers have the ability to set prices higher on certain items or not accept the discount pricing.

Given Walmart’s policy, however, a price discrepancy between in-store and online pricing results in a refund.

When you go to Walmart, make sure you have your app open to use the price-checker barcode scanner. Scan the item to verify whether the in-store price reflects the discount offered online.

5. Purchase the Item Then Hit Customer Service

Once you verify a price discrepancy with the Walmart app, purchase the item as you normally would, and then take your receipt to customer service.

At customer service, you show the representative the price you purchased the item for on your receipt along with the app pricing information.

The customer service representative will then refund the difference in the two prices excluding sales tax.

How to Find Clearance Items at Walmart

The current economic climate means you have to learn how to stretch your budget further than normal. While Walmart is a great place to do so, it helps to know how to take advantage of their already low prices.

There are ways to save even more money.
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All you have to do is learn how to find clearance items at Walmart.
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Look for where your local store stocks its discounts, shop early in the morning, and hunt for hidden online clearances.

Do you need more money-saving tips and tricks? Check out the rest of our page.

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