Top 4 Anniversary Party Ideas in 2021

by Sudarsan

About half of all American adults are married to the love of their life, which means that every year millions of people are looking for ways to make their anniversary special. 

When you hit those big milestones, whether it’s been five years, ten years, or fifty, you’re probably looking for new and exciting ways to celebrate with all of your closest friends and family. What better way to ring in a new year of marriage than an anniversary party?

If you’re looking for anniversary party ideas to make your 2021 anniversary one to remember, you’ve come to the right place!

Read on for four incredible anniversary party ideas that you and your spouse are going to love.

1. Make It Cinematic

Marriage isn’t always a fairy tale romance, but there are times when your marriage can feel like something straight out of the movies! One sweet way to celebrate your anniversary with others is to rent out a movie theater for your private party. Pick a classic romance or a silly rom-com and start the night off with a homemade movie or slideshow celebrating you and your spouse.

2. Get Artsy

Trying new things is a great way to keep a marriage exciting, and there are plenty of fun art classes you can enjoy with your spouse and a close group of friends and family. Find a fun wine and paint night in your town or look for a ceramics class and learn how to throw your own bowl, pot, or mug. Expressing yourself through art and getting a little bit messy in the process is a memorable and fun way to celebrate your anniversary–plus, you get to keep the work you create, which is a nice way to create an anniversary keepsake that’s truly special!

3. Hit the Open Waters

How can you enjoy nature, great food, and amazing drinks in a way that is both luxurious and private? Go with a party yacht rental for an intimate anniversary party that everyone will appreciate. Enjoy the open water, catch the sunset, and spend time with the people who matter most on your next anniversary.

4. Build Your Anniversary Party Around a Theme

Sometimes, a great anniversary party doesn’t come down to the perfect venue. If you want to throw something right at home, elevate it with a theme that you, your spouse, and your guests can have fun with!

Themes that encourage people to dress up–like the Roarin’ 20s, a theme that’s particularly apt in 2021–are always unbeatable. You can also go classic by following the traditional anniversary themes that center around a specific material. (For example, the fifth-anniversary theme is wood, the tenth-anniversary theme is tin or aluminum, and so on.)

Have Fun With Our Anniversary Party Ideas

Anniversaries are always a great excuse to celebrate love! With these anniversary party ideas, you can put together a day or night that you, your spouse, and your guests will always remember.

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