Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads in Texas

by Sudarsan

Roads in Texas are known to be notoriously dangerous. Texas is a vast state with diverse landscapes across the deciduous forests of East Texas, the desert-like west, and highly different climate types that fluctuate between arid land and swamps. This variety creates a wide array of weather conditions that can cause dangerous driving conditions.

Below find the top ten most dangerous roads in Texs

1. US-67 between Harlingen and Brownsville

With many homes lining the side of the road, US-67 is a dangerous highway for drivers. In addition to having several houses close to the highway, this road has been known for its extremely high rate of car accidents over the past few years.
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2. State Highway 130 between Georgetown and Seguin

The tollway known as SH-130 has been a hotbed for controversy since its inception in 2012. The road was initially intended to be the southern section of I-14, an interstate that would run from South Texas to Alberta, Canada.

3. TX-16 from Freer to Cotulla

Long stretches of TX-16 between Freer and Cotulla are two-lane roads with no center stripe. This road has been the scene of accidents, including head-on collisions, due to its lane design. The terrain along this area is very hilly, making driving conditions dangerous, especially at night.

4. I-10 between Beaumont and Winnie

The stretch of interstate ten between Beaumont and Winnie is plagued with dangerous curves, hills, and blind spots. This area has seen several fatal car accidents over the years due to poor visibility and truck drivers losing control of their vehicles which can be extremely dangerous for oncoming traffic.
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5. US-59 between Coldspring and Livingston

US-59 has earned its reputation as one of the most deadly roads in Texas because it passes through several rural towns that lack proper safety measures, such as paved shoulders and adequate lighting at night.

6. US-87 between Freeport and Raymondville

Like US-59, US 87 is an extremely hilly area with many blind corners. This road also has narrow shoulders that are not well maintained, leading to drivers losing control, especially when it is raining.

7. US-83 between Laredo and Freer

This section of US-83 is hazardous due to poor road conditions. There are no paved shoulders along this highway, making it very difficult to pull over when passing through an area with poor visibility. This stretch of road is also known for its high number of fatal accidents.

8. US-377 between Amarillo and Dalhart

This section of US-377 passes through the Texas Panhandle, where there are few exits onto other roads, making it difficult for drivers to get out of the way in the event of an emergency.

9. US-77 between Waco and Greenville

US-77 is another highway that passes through rural areas without street lights. This stretch of road is also prone to fog in the winter months, making it difficult for drivers to see when coming up on blind curves.

10. US-183 between Waco and Moody

This section of US-183 is known for its high number of fatal accidents because this highway does not have many exit or entrance ramps, making it difficult for drivers to merge onto and off the road. There are also several stretches along this highway with no street lights.
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In a nutshell, roads in Texas are dangerous due to high-speed limits, poor road conditions, and reckless drivers.

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